Mental Maths

It’s Friday, and that means it’s test day. The children below all scored top marks in their mental maths test. 20/20. Look closely and you will spot some new faces. We also do a one minute test with 42 questions. At the start of the year the best scores were in the high teens and this has crept up to a top score of 32. I promised a prize to the first child to score over 40. Please check your child’s Learning Journals for the one minute test. The more they do the quicker they will get.


Buzzing Bees

Today we have eight top bees who scored full-marks in their spelling test. Included in the swarm is Alannah and Olivia who both scored top marks in the high frequency spelling test. Their parents were extremely pleased.


Random acts of kindness #5

Millie spent three hours creating some maths packs. The diligent worker has produced some A4 sheets to help children with their fractions. Not only this, our Y4 hero said that she would mark the work and discuss her motives in assembly. What a star! Thanks Millie, but if this continues I’ll be out of a job!


Learning Principled Pupil

Congratulations to Reio who was awarded his Learning Principles badge in our Friday assembly. Reio was awarded the Make Careful Choices because he is always on task, puts effort into his work and is an all round good egg! Reio has impressed myself and Mrs Mukerker. Mrs Kirkby said he was a wonderful learner and a great ambassador when he showed her around school. Congratulations Reio, you thoroughly deserved this badge.


The Bees Knees!

This week the spelling programme changed. As you know, there are sixteen spellings; 10 tricky ones and 6 high frequency. Before, I read 10 random spellings but now three children do the high frequency spellings and everyone else does the tricky ones. All the children below scored full-marks with the tricky spellings. Well done.


Anti-bullying Week (part 2)

Anti-bullying campaigners, Claire and Stacey, joined us again this week. We watched some BBC videos and thought about the messages we wanted to convey on some posters. Fortunately, the two experts were on hand to offer advice and share ideas. Well done everybody, these posters look brilliant.


Anti-bullying Week

Today, and this week, we are joined by two Anti-bullying campaigners. They are Claire and Stacey and they are mingling with children, teachers and parents. The campaigners came in this morning and helped Shannon and Reio champion our class heroes by writing their selfless acts onto bricks. The bricks will be placed end to end and hopefully build an enormous wall of wonderful deeds.