Boudicca; superstar!

First of all, welcome to the Y4 class blog! I hope you’ll be frequent visitors and we encourage children and adults to comment on posts.
We’ve begun our topic by looking at Boudicca, the Celtic warrior who battled the Roman invaders in Britain. We’ve been describing her in Literacy, drawing pictures of her in Art and even debating whether to join her rebellion in Drama! We’ve also been practicing the Boudicca song from Horrible Histories. Have a go at singing along at home!

Here’s a link to the lyrics.

Dragon Slayer

Our new topic is the Vikings and we began this last week by looking at the short film Dragon Slayer.

At first, we only watched the first few minutes, where the dragon slayer kills a menacing dragon. During a P4C enquiry, we discussed whether killing animals is right and came to the conclusion that it might not be ‘right’ but it should be done in a way that is not cruel.  Most of us felt that the dragon slayer was just doing his job because he needed money,  however, opinions changed after we watched on and saw how he reacted to the baby dragons!

What do you think about the dragon slayer? Is he a cruel, heartless killer or a desperate man, who sacrifices his own needs for those of the baby dragons?

Advertising Chiefs

Y4 have been given the difficult task of changing the negative views of the Anglo-Saxon town of Sheffield.  Chief Frenchus came to us this morning in dire need of help.  His town has been raided and people have left in their hundreds!  Therefore, Y4 are working to prove themselves worthy of taking on the task of reinventing the image of Sheffield through an advertising campaign. We’re currently on a crash course in writing to persuade and at the end of the week we’ll apply for a job on the advertising team – we’ll let you know who is successful!


Chief wanting advertisers from Natasha Wood on Vimeo.

Making Notes for a Non-chronological Report

Yesterday, we looked at all the features of a non-chronological report. The children remembered all the features so we went to the library and started to research our subject. We used the BBC Anglo-Saxon site for our information. You can see children busily researching in the ICT Suite. On Thursday we will write our report in neat as part of Big Writing.


Why was Alfred so great?

This week, we’ve moved onto non-chronological reports in Literacy.  We’ve spent the last few days learning a piece of information about Alfred the Great (one of the most famous Anglo-Saxon kings) in order to write our own on Friday!

First, we talked the text, with actions to help us remember it:

Then we drew maps of the text, using pictures to represent each key point:



I challenge you to show your adult the whole text and actions!

Miss Wood