Tribal Dance

As you may know, this half term we have been learning about different tribes. In our indoor PE sessions we are learning about tribal dances from around the world. We have had a go at creating our own dance sequences inspired by these different traditional tribal dances.

In Y4AE we have looked at the Māori tribes in New Zealand. They perform a tribal dance called the ‘Haka‘ before battles to scare their opponents. The All Blacks rugby team also follow the tradition of performing the ‘Haka’ before their rugby matches – some of you might have seen the first performance this Sunday (20th September) during the opening of their first game at the Rugby World Cup! Here’s a link to watch it if you missed it –  All Blacks Haka 2015.

Here we are practicing our own versions of the Haka and practicing our scary battle faces!



Brandon and Mason performed their Haka to the whole class. We really liked the way they thought out their sequence with several different moves, and the way they used different facial expressions!

A Chinese lesson

We were very lucky in Y4 to have some visitors from Shanghai give us a Chinese lesson this morning.  We learned about Chinese lettering, food and even made some pretend wantons out of paper!  We had to use chopsticks to pick up the ‘vegetables’ and place them in the wanton wrapper, then fold it over and stick with water (or staple in our case!) 

The children were really interested to find out more about Chinese culture so here’s a link to website with some information. 


Here we are folding the wanton.


The children were very good at helping each other.


The finished result!


Cut throat Celts

We spent last week acting as Celts and on Wednesday decided to join Queen Boudicca in defending our town against the Roman invaders! We fought a treacherous battle and managed to defeat the Romans. Here’s a couple of pictures of the troops during the fighting.  I think some of the soldiers were a little tired by this point..!

image image

I can’t wait to read all the fantastic recounts we’re writing about the battle!

Boudicca; superstar!

First of all, welcome to the Y4 class blog! I hope you’ll be frequent visitors and we encourage children and adults to comment on posts.
We’ve begun our topic by looking at Boudicca, the Celtic warrior who battled the Roman invaders in Britain. We’ve been describing her in Literacy, drawing pictures of her in Art and even debating whether to join her rebellion in Drama! We’ve also been practicing the Boudicca song from Horrible Histories. Have a go at singing along at home!

Here’s a link to the lyrics.