Special surprise for Reio

Our Anti-Bullying campaigners, Stacey and Claire popped in to give Reio a giant Toblerone and wish him a fond farewell. I hope you have a wonderful time in your new house and school Reio. All the children will miss you and are hoping that you write to them from time to time. Take all the wonderful experiences and values from WMC and share them with your new friends you will make in Bury. You’re a top kid.


Random acts of kindness #5

Millie spent three hours creating some maths packs. The diligent worker has produced some A4 sheets to help children with their fractions. Not only this, our Y4 hero said that she would mark the work and discuss her motives in assembly. What a star! Thanks Millie, but if this continues I’ll be out of a job!


Anti-bullying Week

Today, and this week, we are joined by two Anti-bullying campaigners. They are Claire and Stacey and they are mingling with children, teachers and parents. The campaigners came in this morning and helped Shannon and Reio champion our class heroes by writing their selfless acts onto bricks. The bricks will be placed end to end and hopefully build an enormous wall of wonderful deeds.


Random Acts of Kindness #4

Year 4 started to salivate when Grace arrived with a huge box of treats. I thought it was her birthday but it turned out to be excess sweets from Halloween. It’s amazing how co-operative kids are when you tempt them with a sugar fix! Thanks Grace, you have pleased the children and made my life easier.


Random Acts of Kindness #3

Children in Y4 are really helpful. They like to help everyone, respect others and I would like to share their positivity with you. Over the last three weeks Shannon has been donating gifts as prizes. Her first idea was to pull names out a hat and offer a prize. This has evolved into a raffle for all the children who read at least four times a week. A brilliant idea conceived by Shannon.


What a big surprise!

Every day I am amazed when I see little acts of caring, sharing and kindness. Yesterday, myself and Mrs Mukerker where absolutely blown away by our hero, Joshua Kissack. He arrived in school with his mum and a huge tray of hand-baked biscuits. They looked (and tasted!) amazing and each gingerbread man had been decorated with chocolate and icing. The attention to detail was incredible and we spotted Mr French and Mrs Mukerker gingerbreads straight away. It reminded me of a sculpture by Anthony Gormley – see picture below. A MASSIVE thank you to Joshua and mum for taking the care, energy and love to bake these biscuits.