Friday Free Write!

For the past 3 weeks in Y4AE, we have been doing a Friday Free Write. For lots of us, it’s our favorite time of week because we get to write about whatever we want and write in any style we feel like!

We usually have a loose theme to our writing but we can interpret it in any way we want to – poems, newspaper reports, recounts, stories, diaries, letters and so on. This week our theme is ‘heroes’… Look how hard we’re  working!

Miss Edwards doesn’t mark these pieces of writing, so there’s no pressure to have perfect handwriting or spelling – it’s all about us getting creative! We all feel like our writing in Literacy has improved since we’ve started doing this and it’s been great to have so many pieces of work we’re so proud of every week. 

We’ll post some examples of this week’s writing later!


This afternoon, we finally had our treat after achieving 100 golden coins, gained by children for modelling the values of our school. Coins are given to children for many different reasons, such as helping others, showing kindness and resilience when finding something difficult. 

My class chose a chocolate fountain as their treat, so we loaded up kebabs with fruit and marshmallows and got dipping!  


Persuasive letter writing

Last week in Y4, we were asked to write a letter to Miss Edwards or Miss Wood. We were asked to persuade them that we deserve an extra social time this week.

We have had some fantastic letters back so far, with lots of different reasons, and lots of persuasive language being used! One particularly impressive piece of writing was delivered by Katie Rooney Y4AE!

Would you be persuaded if you were Miss Edwards or Miss Wood? 

We’re hoping to receive enough letters by Wednesday!

Viking Day

On Wednesday we had the most fantastic time when Jenny and her history can came to school. We began by digging for Viking treasure, then wrote with feather quills and hammered engravings on our swords. 

In the afternoon the hall was transformed into a Viking settlement, with children mucking out the stables, cooking up a rabbit stew, weaving, grinding corn for flour and milking a cow (not a real one!) The day ended with a Viking burial ceremony. 

Check out the pictures below if you’re wondering how all this happened in an average day at WCM!    


Viking Sagas

We’ve begun rehearsals for our Phase Two Performance this week. Each year group is taking a different story and bringing it to life with songs, dancing and acting. 

We’ll be performing a set of Viking stories. The words will be sent home tomorrow, in the meantime, you can practise the songs by clicking here!

Friendly Football 

In circle time this afternoon, we took the opportunity to look at the problems that can arise from football games at social time and lunch time.  Children getting over-competitive, upset about foul play or annoyed with losing can all lead to fall outs so we tried to think of ways of resolving disagreements.  We used forum theatre, where groups of children acted out a scenario and others stepped in at different points to improvise how they would calm things down – taking time out, reminding that it’s part of the game, fetching an adult.

Here are a few examples showing how things could go wrong and the ways they could be resolved:  


Dictionary detectives

This morning in y4 Ae we are using dictionary for our guided reading . We are learning to find the definition and the correct spellings for  7 words .   We  are really enjoying our learning and we are now good at using  dictionary . By Brandon Brodie