Blake was buzzing

Blake was on form at the party. He was jumping all over the place and wouldn’t keep still. I tried to capture him but he was just too quick.



101 Reads for the children

After the party the children received some books from the 101 reads. The children had chosen these books personally from the 101 reads and were presented with them at home time. Thanks to the Governors for being so generous.


Great party atmosphere

The party was brilliant. The children danced and so did I. We played Splat and Musical Statues then had some food and danced some more. It was lovely watching all the children have a really good time. It only took 5 mins to clean up and put the class back together.


Festive Food

A big thanks to all the children and parents who fetched in some food for the party. There was a range of foods; sweet, savory and fruit and drinks. The children ate most of it so there was less to clear away. Daisy made some home made shortbread which was very popular and Mrs Kirkby provided a special cake.