We are trying to have at least two days this week where everyone reads at home. We nearly made it last week but today has been very low so get out your favorite book and enjoy it!

Book Reviews

Here are some book reviews from the children in Y4 – don’t they make you want to read them? I promise 3 Golden Tickets to any child adding their own book review as a comment below!

Miss Wood


Billionaire boy David Walliams

This story is about a boy who is a billionaire. Then he finds his long life best friend but he doesn’t want anyone to know he is a billionaire. Then his dad picks him up from school and everything changes.

I love this story because it has brilliant pictures and the righter must have got an amazing imagination. The pictures look like they have been rushed but they still look amazing. Also David Walliams is my favourite author .He has written lots of books like this story, boy in the dress and gangsta granny.

I would recommend it to my mom, grandma and Miss Eden. It is an amazing book and everyone should enjoy it.



Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak

Where the wild things are it is about a boy called Max and his imagination . He travels to where the wild things are and Max becomes there king.

I like this story because the pictures are colourful and they are really good .My favourite part is when he gets on his boat and he went home and his supper because it was warmed up.

If I could change something I would change the colours because they are two bright .      And I would change the writing because it is a bit small.      I would change the sentences because some of them are short .

I would recommend this this story to my family and my anties and my cousins because it is a really good book and everybody should read it because it is really good.



Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak

We’re in his imagination. He travels where to where the wild things are.

I like this story because the pictures are bright and coulerful . I would change the words because they are two dark and short . My favourite part is when he gets on his boat and he and he travles back home.



Where the wild the wild things are!

Where the wild things are is about a boy who is called max. He is a very naughty boy because he never listens to his mother and is very cruel to his pet dog. One night he gets sent to bed without super and……his room begins to grow into a dark creepy forest. Then he finds a private boat which takes him to cruel monsters and over there he becomes king because the monsters think he has got a really loud ROAR!

I really like this book because I like monster and creepy stories and I really liked this one because it was very interesting for me and it had stunning pictures drawn also they are very, very unnerving. My best top books are where the wild things are ,Charlie and the chocolate factory,matilda ,the witches ,bfg and Charlie and the great glass elevator.




WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is about a little boy called Max and his imagination. He made best friends with dinosaurs/monsters.

When his mum told him to go to bed without any supper/dinner he went to bed. Something scared him because he heard something, which was a forest that grew in his bedroom.


Cosy Reads

Today, the children had a bookish day. We launched 101 reads that challenges the kids to read 101 books before they leave WCM. We had a poet, David Harman, who read his poems in a special assembly and ran a poetry workshop. Also, all the teachers and TA’s picked a book from the 101 list and read an excerpt in a sign up cosy read. I read Stardust. In addition, The Sun bus arrived and gave away books to our top readers. It was an amazing day and the children were introduced to a wide range of literature.
We have promised Golden Tickets to any children who publish a book review on the blog.