Mental Maths

Congratulations to the eggheads below who scored full marks in their mental Maths test. Five is a new class record. Keep it up everybody and keep practicing your times tables. I want to see lots of Maths badge winners on the Brag Board when I drop by in the future.



Congratulations to Joshua and Jada who scored full-marks in their Mental Maths Test. This week I was dead strict on the 5 and 10 second questions. I imagined the time-keeping would scupper their chances and save me the bother of this weekly post. Bah and Humbug! There’s no fooling these two.


Mental Maths

It’s Friday, and that means it’s test day. The children below all scored top marks in their mental maths test. 20/20. Look closely and you will spot some new faces. We also do a one minute test with 42 questions. At the start of the year the best scores were in the high teens and this has crept up to a top score of 32. I promised a prize to the first child to score over 40. Please check your child’s Learning Journals for the one minute test. The more they do the quicker they will get.


Mental Maths Test

Congratulations to Daisy who scored top marks in our mental maths test. A couple of children scored 19 and most children are improving on previous tests. In addition, we have another test on Fridays called Big Maths Beat That. Children have to answer 42 questions in one minute. We are learning new strategies to improve our scores and I am pleased to say all the children are making good progress. Please check the Learning Journals for this weeks test and practise, practise, practise.


Top Marks Mental Maths

Every week the children have a mental maths test. It is based on 20 questions that covers many areas of arithmetic. The scores are recorded every week in their journals. Many children have improved on last weeks scores, (Check their journals for the scores) including Daisy Wright you got 20/20. Well done.