We had an amazing time in Thornbridge this week! We did all sorts of activities, such as biking, rock climbing, low ropes, hiking and problem solving. I think my favourite was the low ropes, as you can see from the photos below, it definitely wasn’t as easy as it looked!





Goodbye Amira

A student from university called Amira came to our school and She was here since the begging of Christmas and a couple days before that. She is an intelligent women she helped us with a lot of learning . I think she should be a teacher she is a clever person and we do not want her leave . Come back soon Amira pleas pretty pleas.


by RM and TR


On Wednesday the y4s got to meet a scientist from Sheffield University. She told us about solid, liquids and gases. She showed us some experiments, they were AMAZING. We enjoyed it and we learned a lot! Come and see the pictures we took.


by TR and SP