Hidden runes

We’ve been trying to solve secret messages this afternoon! First of all, we learned about runes, the alphabet used by the Saxons and wrote out our names in the funny looking letters. Then we wrote a secret rune message in candle wax so that you couldn’t see it and gave it to a partner. The partner then had to wash it with paint to reveal what was written…and after all that they had to decode the runes to read the message! 

Word Wolf in town

Today in Y4 DT the children used the mighty skills of Word Wolf, our reading superhero, to infer and discover the meanings of new words.


The children were excellent at quickly searching for new words and checking if their prediction was correct.


The children were amazingly quick at using their dictionaries and they filled their prediction sheets wonderfully!!

Even with Mr Tompkinsons poorly eye we still had time for a selfie!!


Goodbye Nathan

Today we were very sad to say goodbye to Nathan. He is an enthusiastic, focused and all round lovely member of the class and we will miss him a lot. Good luck at your new school Nathan!

A world of pure imagination

“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination.”


This week in our guided reading we have been exploring our class novel, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. We have looked at the character of Willy Wonka, and the children made some excellent inferences!imageimage

We watched extracts from the film and studied parts of the book to get out inspiration flowing!

Keep up the excellent work Year 4!





Happy Handwriters

In year 4 we have been working hard to really improve our handwriting! Mr Tompkinson included! After a special lesson from Mrs Read about how to be a perfect handwriter, the children have shown wonderful passion for their writing.  Mr Read paid us a visit last week and he will be returning to give the children some masterful tips this week!


Keep up the amazing handwriting year 4!




The Addition Mission.

Today we moved onto addition and subtraction in our mathematics! The children showed some excellent problem solving and use of maths in real life situations to work out the cost of takeaway food!!



The children showed amazing focus and dedication to solve all the addition problems!

Lights. Camera. Action.





Today the children acted out the notorious story of Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxon hero. The children produced wonderful freeze frames which captured the key events of the story. All the children were really engaged in their learning and took a real interest in the story, asking really good questions. The responses in the guided reading books were amazing and we got some fantastic snaps of wonderful dramatic scenes!!! Next stop Hollywood.

Crimson Clue Hunter

This morning we had a visit from the Crimson Clue Hunter during our Guided Reading session! She swooped in and looked for clues about the character of Beowulf in the famous Anglo Saxon story.  We agreed that he is strong and brave, based on his muscles, armour and menacing expression.  I wonder what clues we’ll find tomorrow!  


What’s your favourite Dahl? 

In Y4NW we’re getting into Roald Dahl’s classics for our class reads. We’ve just finished The Twits and have moved onto George’s Marvelous Medicine. I loved the description of The Twits – Mr Twit’s spiky beard with bits of food and flies buzzing round, Mrs Twit with her glass eye and walking stick to hit unsuspecting children!

I’m very excited to find out how George’s medicine goes down with grandma. With all those ingredients it can’t turn out well! 

What’s your favourite Roald Dahl book? Any recommendations for our next read?