What a Fabulous Finish!

As the year draws to a close, the Y4s presented all of the incredible learning we have produced this term in a museum event on Tuesday.  We were amazed by how much we had done over the last 13 weeks – from Sheffield City Guides and Joe Scarborough inspired artwork to habitat boxes, adverts, animal stories, paintings and much, much more!  If you missed the event, here’s a couple of videos of what was on show:

Well done Y4 for such a productive, enjoyable and exciting year.  We have really valued your curiosity and eagerness to learn.  We have been impressed by your positive attitudes and the progress you have made since you came to us in September.

Have a fantastic summer!

Shoebox Habitats

What a day we’ve had in Y4! The plan was to design and create a habitat inside a shoebox. The children had already chosen their place and we began by critiquing some WAGOLLs with warm feedback, which we then turned into a rubric for how to create an amazing design. 

After that, we began with our backgrounds and built up our habitats from there, adding in extra details like leaves, stones and sticks. Using the rubrics to refer back to what we said we needed to include, made for even more creative, realistic and detailed habitats. We will be showcasing these, along with all of our learning from this term, in our museum on the 18th July – more information on this will follow!