5 minutes walk to school zone

This week the Year 4’s have worked with Active Travel from Sheffield City Council to find a zone around school that everyone could walk from.  We split up into groups and walked in different directions from school to find the ‘5 minute walk zone’.  It would be great if lots of families regularly walked some of the way to school.  

We thought about why walking part of the way to school would be good :

  • It is better for the environment.
  • The air around school will be cleaner.
  • Less cars around school will be safer for children.
  • Physical exercise is good for everyone.
  • Walking to school can be sociable.  

Please look at our map and try to park and stride to school! 

Y4 dance

We have started to learn a dance called Groceries today after doing a fun warm up!

Dance on a Wednesday

This half term Year 4 will be having dance on a Wednesday afternoon with Chris from DanceDaze. Children will need indoor PE kit and this session will be instead of Thursday afternoon PE.

We had our first lesson yesterday and it was great! 

Maths games in the mornings

We have been playing maths games each morning this week and have really enjoyed them.  We have learnt to make fortune tellers which we have then used in our wet lunchtime today!  Thank you to all the parents who joined us. 

Beacon Lantern Procession – Saturday 12th October

On Monday morning the Y4’s have made a huge multicoloured spider out of willow and tissue paper.  This will be part of the Beacon’s Lantern Procession on Saturday 12th October.  We hope as many families can join us there!  We will meet on the field by the car park at 5.15 to process up through the woods to catch sunset. 

Thank you to all the parents who came to help!

Year 4 team