Y4 Outdoor PE

We have had a great start to our outdoor PE sessions and have learnt several basketball passes. We can use a bounce pass, a chest pass and an over head pass. We are really enjoying Basketball. 


Year 4 swimming

It was our first swimming lesson this and we made a splash!  The children were amazing and every single one of them listened to the swim teachers and challenged themselves in the water.  

We are all looking forward to our next lesson next week!

Well done Year 4! 

Year 4 2019

Thank you to all the children for such a positive and lovely start to the year!

A swimming letter has been sent home tonight with information about lessons that begin next Tuesday.  Please come and see a teacher if you want more information. 

Year 4 team

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We had a fantastic time at the Wildlife Park on Friday! We spent the morning looking at all of the animals, learning more about their habitats and behaviour. The baboons in particular were such fun to watch as they stole food from each other and jumped around.


After lunch, we had a workshop abut endangered species and how to conserve them. It was really interesting to discover why so many animals are becoming extinct and we are all more aware now of how to look after them.

Plus the weather was gorgeous!

Foil animals

We had the very delicate task this afternoon of creating animal figures out of tin foil. This involves carefully tearing the foil in the right place and scrunching the foil to shape the animal. It turned out to be harder than you’d think, although we ended up with some great looking monkeys…and quite a few snakes!

Mini beast hunting

On Monday, both classes were on a hunt for mini beasts in Amy’s Garden. We searched under rocks and in long grass, recording all of our findings in a tally chart.

We then used bar charts to display the data and discussed our findings.

Visit to the River Don

Last Friday, both classes went down to the River Don to explore our local area. The visit formed part of our learning for Community Week this week as we learned more about the environment around us and how what we do affects it.

We met Matt and his colleagues from the Rivers Trust, who told us more about the Don and asked us to think about the things that might pollute it. We investigated whether the water is clean or dirty by pond dipping and identifying different creatures. We also saw how the drains lead directly into the river and what effect that can have on the water.

When we got back to school, we made tanks for the mayflies we caught to live for the next few weeks. We are doing daily checks on the hatchlings and will keep you updated on their progress!


Y4MS enjoyed a wonderful couple of days at Thornbridge this week. Some of the highlights included: low ropes, Thornbridge Challenge, bike riding and the night line. The children also enjoyed a lovely walk to Ashford in the Water where they tested their Viking boats to see if they sailed! 

Everyone who went with the children would like to say a massive thank you for such a lovely time!!

Save our schools!

Nearly everyone in school went down to the Town Hall yesterday to protest against cuts to schools.

We had a look around Millennium Galleries first, where there was an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work and a very exciting lighting installation.

We then met up with parents, photographers, news reporters and the rest of our schoolmates to chant and show our support for the ‘save our schools’ campaign.

All of the children who attended did us proud and showed the people in charge that they deserve the best for their education!

Is it right…

We had a short P4C session this afternoon where we tried an activity to show how difficult it becomes when resources are taken away. The children were asked to make a book from newspaper but as they went along, we removed scissors, rulers and pencils so they were left with 10% fewer resources than they started with. We discussed how it made us feel and how this relates to the issues in education at the moment.

We would really love for you to share your thoughts on the subject by adding comments to the end of this blog.