Letters coming home

Dear Families,

You should be receiving a letter from school (if you have not already got it) about arrangements for the full opening of school in September.  Along with the letter are holiday and INSET days for the year and a plan of where classes are located.  We look forward to seeing you all back in September and wish you a wonderful summer!

Gemma Eden, Kieran Baines, Lisa Bates and Karen Barton

Friday 17th July

Dear Children and Parents of Y4,
We hope you enjoy watching the film, we all have such fond memories of our time together.   We wish every one of you a happy and safe summer holiday and are all very much looking forward to seeing you back at school in September!
Mr Barnes, Mrs Gill and Mrs Read

CLIC – practise your times tables for half an hour on TT Rockstars.

Spellings – ask someone in your house to test you on this week’s spellings.

Writing – we’d love you to write us a letter from lockdown. Tell us about your experience – what you have missed, what you enjoyed and anything you have learned from this time.

Golden Time – it’s the last one of the year so make it special by getting your paddling pool out (weather permitting!), going for a bike ride, baking some treats or just spending some quality time with your family.

The Summer Reading Challenge this year is accessible online as libraries are not currently open. This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s Silly Squad will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. The website is free to access and features games, quizzes and downloadable activities.
A parent / carer will also need to register but this is just to activate the child’s account.
The Challenge launched on Friday 5th  June and will run until mid-September. For further information or to sign up to the Challenge, please click here.

You can also enjoy your favourite books read aloud by visiting this website.

That’s all for this year, we can’t wait to see you in September!

Thursday 16th July

Good morning! It’s the second to last day and the sun looks like it’s making an appearance.

Writing – write your instructions

Maths – it’s a TT Rockstars battle this morning so log in and get scoring!

Creative – now you have your shadow puppets and theatre, you can act out your favourite stories. You might want to write a script, make sure you practise first, then find an audience and perform for them! You could send us a video too!

Wednesday 15th July

Welcome back, here we go with another day’s learning!

Reading – here’s our story again in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Writing –

Spelling – unscramble the words to work out your spellings.

Maths – Flashback 4 and a game

Creative – now it’s time to make the set! Use it to create a scene, for example trees in a forest or a gingerbread house. Whizz towards the end of the video and follow the instructions below.

Tuesday’s Learning

You’re becoming experts at coordinates! It’s been lovely seeing your ‘About Me’ writing – we’ve learned a lot about what you think you can and can’t do!