Fab learning again in Year 4 😊⭐️

Cole’s worked on his Maths and Writing ✍️👍
Raiyan’s Maths,writing and Spelling 😊
Justin has shown is his Maths skills 👍
Aliyan’s done his Writing ✍️, Guided reading 📖 and Maths 🧮👍
Ibrahim’s Guided Reading and Maths 🧮 😊
Lacey’s done her Maths and Science 👍
Tom’s shown us his Angles knowledge 😊
Jack’s Guided reading and Angle work 😊
Eesa has worked on Angles, Guided reading 📖 and writing ✍️
Alyssia has worked hard today. The picture of her Spanish monster is fab ⭐️
Mason has worked on Angles and Science 😊


Here is this weeks Spanish all about body parts. You will need a paper and some pens, one of the activities is to make yourself some flashcards so someone at home can test you. It is quite long so you may want to spread this out over a couple of days.

Electricity- Lesson Two

Today’s lesson is another small activity for you to complete at home. Recording all the different ways you have used electricity today and whether they are essential or not. Don’t just think phone, laptop etc. There will be more than that!

You can copy and paste the sheet and print it off or draw the table out yourself. Remember to send your work to the Y4 email address!

Gymnastics – Lesson Two

As I introduced last week, our indoor PE this half term is gymnastics. If you remember we are trying to learn the bones in our bodies. We have already talked about the cranium (skull) and our spines. This week, we are adding two new bones – the clavicle (the bone that connects the arm to the trunk of the body), can you touch it? Also, the sternum (otherwise known as the sternum – the flat bone down the front of the chest). Use the fun video below to identify them and then ask someone to test you over the week to see how many you can remember.

Over the next few weeks of gymnastics, we are going to practise and learn a range of proficiencies. Today, we will be learning the level 8 proficiencies below. Can you practise them? Can you then put them into a 3 part sequence with a clear start and finish? Don’t forget to display the gymnastic behaviours:

  1. Tight tummies
  2. Pointed toes
  3. Head up
  4. Chest out
  5. Shoulders back
  6. Arms up by your ears

Properties of shape – Lesson 3

Here are the answers to yesterday’s main task:

Today is our final lesson on angles for this block. Below is the recorded lesson, pause it as often as you need to and have a go at the tasks yourself before listening to the answer.

Here is the main task for today:

Below is the extension for you to have a go at:

Below are the Big Maths questions for subtraction. The relevant WAGOLL is in the Friday CLIC explanation video:

More great learning in year 4 😊✍️🧮

Mason has worked on angles and predicted meanings of words in a sentence 👍
Cole has done some maths and writing ✍️
Lacey has worked on her spellings 👍
Alyssia’s predicted the meaning of a word when used in a sentence 👍
Ibrahim has worked on writing ✍️ and maths 😊
Justin has worked on column addition and subtraction 👍
Imogen has done her limerick and maths 🧮😊
Eesa has worked really hard today and then went to the park 😊
Aliyan’s predicted the meaning of words when used in a sentence and identified angles 😊
Tom’s shown a fab understanding of personification and a good understanding of angles 😊👍⭐️