Viking Crown Theft

Today, Watercliffe Meadow was the scene of a brazen theft. The culprit stole the extremely valuable Viking crown that the year 4’s had been looking at. At the moment the crime is unsolved but a main suspect has been identified by the children (with a little support from a local PC).


Food waste workshops

Students from Sheffield University joined the Y4’s this week and last week to talk about food waste.

We learned about the crazy amount of food that is thrown away each week and found ways of reducing this waste. The children created shopping lists and planned out meals in order to buy only what they needed.

They also planted broad beans to take home. Has anyone’s sprouted yet? 

Herries Lodge

Y4MS prepared for their visit to Herries Lodge by making crowns and jewellery to wear on the day. They will visit next Tuesday afternoon and sing songs to residents and dance too! We’re all looking forward to it very much.

Viking invasion

It’s true, the Vikings arrived at at Watercliffe on Monday! They came in tribes waving flags across the sea from Scandinavia and plotted where they would settle in the school grounds. They banged drums as they charged with their swords and shields, terrifying their enemies. If you see them around school, do not approach – they are armed and dangerous!

Meeting the residents at Herries Lodge

Y4NH spent a lovey afternoon at Herries Lodge yesterday, chatting with the residents and performing for them. It was a pleasure to see the children interacting with such good manners and many of the residents said they hoped we would come back.

Here are a few pictures from the visit and a video of the children performing ‘You’ve got a friend in me’.

Lantern Procession

This week the year 4’s had a visit from the Friends of Parkwood Springs. The visitors came into school to make parts for a lantern that will be on display at the Lantern Procession on Saturday at Parkwood Springs. Each child made their own petal using willow and tissue paper. The petals will be put together to make a flower from all the year 4 children.


The procession will take place on Saturday 13th October, from 5.45pm at Parkwood Springs (setting off from the Cooks Wood Road car park). People who attend are advised to bring a torch.

Anglo Saxons

This half term in year 4, we are learning about the Anglo Saxons. We have been researching different aspects of their life and recording it.

We were given an aspect of their life to research and questions to answer on it. After we had done this, we then shared this information with other members of the class to spread the knowledge we had gained. We did a fantastic job of working together and cooperating in our learning.




Times Table Rockstars

Just a quick update on our times tables challenge for Y4s – we’re trying out Times Tables Rockstars at the moment to great success! Each child has their own login and they play different tournaments to improve their speed and accuracy.

Our school is currently 4th out of schools nearby for speed.

Our leaderboard has Insha at the top as the headliner, closely followed by Ben as the support act, then Jessica and Connie as breakthrough artists but all could change over the weekend!

Here’s the link if you haven’t tried already – it works on a phone, tablet or computer.

Welcome to Y4!

It’s been a busy start to Y4 with place value in maths and writing scrapbook entries from our 101 Things home learning. The children have really settled into school life again and are taking real pride in their learning.

Here’s a few photos from maths this week.

Autumn home learning packs have been sent home today so we look forward to seeing what the children produce!

Also, Mrs Reed is asking for children to bring in juice cartons to make Viking long ships. Please send them in if you have any at home!

This is the type she’s looking for!

Behind the scenes at Sheffield Theatres

On Friday, some lucky Y4s visited Sheffield Theatres for the morning. We had a tour of their three theatre spaces – Crucible, Studio and Lyceum and went backstage.

We learned about the different types of stages and how important the people who work backstage are! We were let lose in the costume department, where we tried on all sorts of costumes, from fur coats to army uniforms!

We then did a workshop, where children chose from lighting, costume, acting, singing and dancing, ending with a performance.

What a morning!