Fieldwork and Geographical Surveys

In this afternoon’s geography lesson, we went out onto the field to begin the first of three fieldwork sessions. We were collecting information about our area using geographical surveys. We began with a traffic survey. We spent three minutes watching the road and made a tally chart for all of the vehicles we saw. After that, we completed a land use survey of the physical and human features that we could observe.

These surveys are going to be used to compare different places where we do the surveys. 

10 day active travel challenge!

Starting from tomorrow is the 10 day active challenge. This is where children can choose how to get to school and then they fill in the chart once they arrive. This starts from Monday 14th June (tomorrow) and is for 10 days from then. Children can walk, cycle or scooter to school and if you arrive by car because you live further away then make sure you are at least 5 minutes away so that the children can ‘park and stride’ instead of arriving by car.

The children who place 10 stickers on the chart for the 10 days will all receive a prize.

Beat The Street

Starting from 16th June, there will be a game called Beat the Street coming to Sheffield! Each week of Beat the Street has a theme. You can find out more about the ‘Go Weeks’ in the Video Assembly and PowerPoint. The first week runs from Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd June and is called ‘Go Play’. This is all about getting out and enjoying playing Beat the Street.
Your child will receive a fob that they can use to play the game and you will also get a card to join in too! All you have to do is find a Beat Box and hold your card/fob over it until it beeps and flashes! Make sure that you register any card/fobs you get so that you can earn points, track score and even win prizes!
Here is a video to explain more.
Sheffield Assembly Video – YouTube

Below is also a video of Mr Steele explaining exactly how to register yourselves in order to get started!

Blue Umbrella – Experience Lesson

Today, we have begun a new unit of writing all about a Pixar animated film. Before we even look at the short film we have collected vocabulary about a stormy day in New York. We used body percussion, listened to a storm, looked at images and then used an app called Soft Murmur to get ourselves in the zone!

Possessive Apostrophes and Sentence Building

In this afternoon’s writing lesson the Y4s were punctuating given phrases with possessive apostrophes. Each phrase related to a piece of information about Sir David Attenborough’s major successes in television. These phrases were then put into sentences, using sentence strips, ready for our paragraph writing in tomorrow’s lesson.
Here we are in action:

Ordnance Survey Map

We had a really enjoyable afternoon learning what a map actually is (a 2D representation of a place, from zoos and theme parks to towns, cities and the world) and exploring an ordnance survey map of our local area. We used a key to find and interpret symbols that showed a park and ride (for the tram), park areas with different types of trees (coniferous and non-coniferous), campsites and different places of worship. It was like a geographical treasure hunt!

Cress Heads

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Two things that are proven to help improve people’s moods are completing creative tasks and being at one with nature! We decided to make some cress heads, as this was a suggested task from Mrs Wayper. They really had a good time and we can’t wait to see them grow!

More outfits and accessories for Rocky!

We have had another outfit designed for Rocky, this time by Aliyan! He has another crown to choose from in his wardrobe and an embroidered cloak!

He has also had two fabulous necklaces designed, one in loom bands by Maya and a superb reading robot badge by Isabelle! He has another hat choice made by Grace too! Thank you girls!

Introducing Rocky the Rhino

Following on from our challenge to design an outfit, we have named our rhino Rocky! We narrowed the suggestions down to four and then took part in a vote.

We have had two entries for our outfits too. The first one was a regal outfit designed by Harvey.

The second entry was by Tom, and now Rocky has an outfit which puts him in a perfect place for our school!

Rugby Lessons

Year Four and Three have been so lucky to have an outside teacher, called Ollie, come in and begin to teach us a series of rugby lessons. We began the lesson by learning the parts of the rugby ball. We learnt you hold the ball by its belly (point upwards, round the middle) and the points are called its ears! Then we had lots of fun playing games that helped us build our rugby skills and team work skills! Brilliant!