Writing letters

Jack and Ruby have written a letter to Mrs Read’s dad who is isolating at the moment. We have plenty of people that can be written to and would love to send some more. If you would like to write a letter to someone then e-mail and let us know and we will tell you who you could write to.

Vouchers for free school meals

Dear Families
This morning the government has just announced it’s voucher scheme for children eligible for free school meals. If you currently access free school meals your family is entitled to a weekly voucher of £15 per child. In order for us to set this up for you, please send us your email address to office@watercliffe.sheffield.sch.uk
Once we have your email address we will be able to send a voucher that comes as an email attachment that can either be printed off or used from your phone. We will aim to turn this around as quickly as we can but please appreciate we have over 200 children eligible in school.