Spelling Bees!

A great turn out for spellers who scored 10/10. It was a swarm of bees and look, there’s our top spelling bee, Jacob, out in front again. Next term, I am going to crack the whip. Children who score less than five will have extra time to practise their spellings! Daisy and Joshua also scored but they are missing from the picture because they were making a zombie movie. Hang on a minute – who’s that lurking in the background?


The Ghouls Arrived!

It was great to see everyone in fancy dress. There were some wonderful costumes, so a big thank you to all the parents who helped make their child’s day spooktacular. I certainly felt under-dressed for the occasion! Can you spot all the children? Apart from Abdulaziz and Alannah – which children are missing from the Halloween pictures? 5 GT’s to the person who answers this spooky dilemma.




Handwriting Pen Awarded

Congratulations to Jada who passed her handwriting today. Myself and Mr Read were both in awe of your calligraphic curves. Jada is the ninth child in Y4 DF to pass handwriting but there are several children who are nearly there. Well done Jada! Now you have to keep it neat all year.


muffling sounds

In science this week we have been investigating the best materials we could use to sound proof a small box containing a bell. It was very difficult to make the test fair because some people used more masking tape than others and the materials were difficult to cut accurately. However, there was definitely one material which really muffled the bell. This was the red, synthetic furry cloth. We think that it was difficult for the sound to travel through the material as it was closely knitted together!