Having fun making 3d Shapes

Today, the children were given a challenge. First, they were given 4 straws and a lump of plastercine and they had to make a cube. The second challenge was to make a square based pyramid and finally they had to make a prism. The results got better and better and every team made improvements with their design, structure and communication.


Our Anglo Saxon village

The children have made a magnificent job of turning our hexaganol table into an Anglo Saxon village. There are long-houses, round-houses, barns, boats, people, furniture and wild apples. Please come along to Y4 DF and take a peek into the past.


Construction time again…

I love making stuff…but having the right tools helps! Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing the Anglo-Saxon village in readiness for the big spectacle this Wednesday (2:15 – 3:10). We have a round-house, long-house, cattle-shed and assorted dwellings. The construction has consolidated our knowledge on angles, symmetry and reflection. The children have done a fab job and the village is almost complete. Any spare horses, sheep, pigs or chickens will be appreciated.