Spelling News

I was so pleased and amazed that in my first week I had so many brilliant spellers! Well done to all the children who got all their spellings right (pictured). We also had a lot who only had one mistake. Roll on next week!


Buzzin’ Swarm of Bees

WOW! I’m so impressed with all the children below. Nice to see Jacob again. They scored full marks in their spellings. You make me so proud when I see all the learners doing so well – keep it up because Mr Grumpy isn’t around to nag you anymore and you are all responsible for your learning – the one-eyed ogre is watching!


The kings crown has fallen!

STOP PRESS! Shock, horror! Jacob Colley was left distraught this morning after forgetting his i before e except after c rule. Poor Jacob misspelt thief and thieves. Arghhhhhhh! Was all Jacob could say. He’s hurting bad. However, just take a look at how many children did pass. Keep it up children.


Buzzing Bees

Today we have eight top bees who scored full-marks in their spelling test. Included in the swarm is Alannah and Olivia who both scored top marks in the high frequency spelling test. Their parents were extremely pleased.


The Bees Knees!

This week the spelling programme changed. As you know, there are sixteen spellings; 10 tricky ones and 6 high frequency. Before, I read 10 random spellings but now three children do the high frequency spellings and everyone else does the tricky ones. All the children below scored full-marks with the tricky spellings. Well done.


Buzzing Bees

Winter is on its way and our insect friends are beginning to hibernate. But not this lot! The children below scored an excellent 10/10 with random spellings. Big thanks to Caitlin who provided spelling books and everyone who scored 6 or more. Oh! look who’s there…our champion honey boy!


Learn Together

Another ‘Random act of kindness’. This altruistic activity is spreading! Caitlin has produced some booklets to help Y4 DF practise their spellings. We all think this is an extremely kind act and will help with our learning. Remember you will have to score at least five in your spelling test or you will have to re-sit the test. Good luck everyone!


Spelling Bees!

A great turn out for spellers who scored 10/10. It was a swarm of bees and look, there’s our top spelling bee, Jacob, out in front again. Next term, I am going to crack the whip. Children who score less than five will have extra time to practise their spellings! Daisy and Joshua also scored but they are missing from the picture because they were making a zombie movie. Hang on a minute – who’s that lurking in the background?