A wow week

Here we all are doing well in our Maths and spelling tests. The children pictured have made no mistakes and well done to Jada who has gone up to level three Maths test. .What a wow week!!!






Nearest to a 1000 knockout

Today we played knockout and there were 4 rounds including the finals.In the finals were Lily, Jack and Daisy.The nearest person who got to 10,000 won the round but unfortunately bad news for Daisy and Jack but Lily won round 4. By Lily and Shannon


3d Culture Mash-Up

What better way of learning is there other than art and music. This morning we fitted 6 faces into the cube and made up a song. Every verse added one more child in the cube. Afterwards, Lily Grace (The Face of Cubism) paraded up the corridor as our very own Y4 DF art installation. Jeff Koons – eat your heart out.



Having fun making 3d Shapes

Today, the children were given a challenge. First, they were given 4 straws and a lump of plastercine and they had to make a cube. The second challenge was to make a square based pyramid and finally they had to make a prism. The results got better and better and every team made improvements with their design, structure and communication.


Factors and colours

This week, we have been learning about factors of numbers. We know factors come in pairs and some numbers are prime and some are perfect. We know that number 2 will always appear in an even number and numbers ending in 5 and 0 have the factor 5. We then imagined that the times tables were colours and if you knew certain columns represented certain tables you would then know what numbers they were. For example, if a column has colours representing 2, 5 and 10 that column would be 50. The column after that would be 51 and this would only have the colour representing 3.