Which drinks are the worst for your teeth? 

Yesterday, we started an experiment to find out which liquids do the most damage to our teeth. We put 6 eggs into different liquids (cola, orange juice, milk, water, vinegar and black currant cordial) and will leave them for a week, observing every day for any changes. The shell of the egg is very similar to the enamel of our teeth so we will be able to see what effect these drinks have on us. 

Here are some of our children with the various liquids..can you work out which is which?   

Dance Mat Typing

This week in ICT, we’ve started learning how to touch type using BBC dance mat typing. Most children started on level 1 but will quickly progress as they practise some more. Try it at home by clicking here

Investigating weight

This week in Maths in Y4, we have been looking at scales; in particular thermometers and weighing scales. We got stuck into an investigation around finding an accurate weight for lighter objects such as pennies, dice and counters. We worked out that if you weigh a large number of the same object and then divide the reading (in grams) by the number of objects, we found the weight of one. 

Sad goodbyes..


To Dylan from Deon&Bilal we will miss more than anything in the world. Good luck at your new school and I hope you meet friends like us.  from Deon&Bilal!!!!!                                                                                                                                                      
Today in Y4AE we said goodbye to Dylan as he is moving to a new house and school. We’ll miss him lots but wish him lots of luck!