Hunting for mini beasts

We had a very exciting afternoon in Parkwood Springs last Wednesday, where we looked for all sorts of different creatures and learned about their habitats. 

We began by naming all of the habitats we could find nearby. 

Then we moved into a wooded area and used mirrors to observe the treetops. 

We dug for animals living under the surface of the soil.  

Finally, we swept the long grass with nets (this was my favourite part!) 

Some children said it was the best visit they’d been on all year! 

Sports Day 2016

We had a fantastic morning on Tuesday, when the Y3s and 4s sprinted, jumped, hurdled and threw their way through this year’s Sports Day! The children were great at encouraging each other and got right into the spirit of the day. 

We had our amazing relay runners:

 There were the long jumpers, some of whom leaped over 2 metres! 

Our sack racers (one with a little help from Mr B!)

Not forgetting the hurdlers, long distance and adults race! 

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all the parents that attended, I can’t wait for next year’s now!