Sad goodbyes…

Today we say a very sad goodbye to Ms. Kirby in Y4. She’s taught us some brilliant Spanish (and other stuff!) this year and everyone will miss her. We hope she enjoys her new adventure and we hope to visit her in the future!


A class of walking thesauruses…

We had a bit of spare time when we got back from swimming today in Y4AE so to prepare ourselves for turning our scripts into stories tomorrow, we brainstormed all the different words we knew for ‘said’. Miss Edwards, Ms Kirby and Mr Moore were shocked!


Community football

Another fantastic forage into our local area today! We went up to the Sheffield United academy to find out what goes on there and how it impacts on the community. We saw the different pitches used by the various teams, how young footballers make their way through the academy and what they offer to members of the public. Rob, who showed us around, commented on how keen and engaged the children were.
As well as looking at the football pitches, we got a sneaky peak at the snooker players in action upstairs! Who knew there was also a snooker academy on sight?! 

My favourite quote of the day, when asking about why we visited was from Cahner, who said, “because Sheffield is home to the oldest football club in the world, we should learn about what it’s led to. It’s part of our history.” How true!

Pyjama party in Y4NW

Last week we reached our target of 100 golden coins so we decided in Monday’s circle time to have a pyjama party. The children all brought in their pjs and comfy blankets and we bedded down yesterday afternoon to watch a film…with the added treat of cake and ice lollies! 

Meeting the Lord Mayor 

Last Monday, both Y4 classes visited the Town Hall to meet the Mayor. We arrived at the beautiful building and were shown up to the Mayor’s office where we checked out the old paintings and carved wooden frames. We then had some time to talk to the Mayor. I was so impressed by the clear, polite and interesting questions our children asked. They found out all about his background (apparently he used to be a teacher) and what his job entails. He also told us how much his gold chain cost. Can anyone remember? 

Ruby spotted he grandad’s picture from when he was the Mayor! 

Then we went on a tour around the different rooms in the Town Hall, trying out the microphones the councillors use during their meetings.

Sheffield United Academy

As part of our project ‘What makes a Community Successful?’ the year fours are going to visit the Sheffield United Academy. They will be taken on an hour tour of the facilities which is on Firshill Cresent. As a year four parent you may want to explore together what you think may happen at the professional football development centre.Miss Edwards class will be going on Monday 16th May and Miss Woods class will be going on Monday 23rd May. We will all be looking forward to this event!


Thinking about kindness

This afternoon in Y4AE, we were thinking about using kindness.

Miss Edwards showed us two apples that were exactly the same size and colour. We all agreed that one was definitely better than the other. We then took it in turns to say unkind things to the second apple, and then throw it. It was surprising how many people joined in, even though at the beginning everyone had agreed they looked the same.

Then Miss Edwards asked if we wanted to eat the apples. We all wanted to eat the first apple as it looked delicious and juicy. Hardly anyone wanted the second apple. But, in the end we all agreed they both looked nearly exactly the same from the outside.

Then, Miss Edwards cut open both apples.

The first apple had been looked after and looked yummy. The second apple had had unkind things said and done to it, and it was only until we cut into it and saw the inside that we saw how hurt the apple was. Our unkind words and actions had bruised the apple. 

We then compared this to how people feel on the inside when other people are unkind to them. This has inspired us to be more kind and think about what we want to say before we say it. We’re also hoping to catch lots of random acts of kindness!


This morning in y4 Ae, we are using dictionaries to find the right spellings of homophones. We are improving on our dictionary work all the time in literacy work. I feel good about using  a dictionary.

By Brandon Brodie.

Jack and May

We’ve really enjoyed this year’s Community Week in Y4, especially as it has linked so well with our expedition work on our local community. Whilst walking around the area, we found lots of things to be really proud of, including beautiful flowers and open spaces to sit and relax. Here are a few of the pictures we took:

We’ve also seen lots of random acts of kindness inside and outside the classroom, and it’s been lovely to have children come and tell me what others have done for them! 

We finished the week by choosing our Jack in the Green and May Queen – the boy and girl who the class feel live the values of WCM and set a good example for others. After a secret vote, Owen and Gracie were crowned with decorations made by all of us. Well done you two!  


In preparation for our visit to meet the Lord Mayor at the Town Hall on Monday, Y4 have been generating questions to ask him. We sorted them into open and closed questions. 

Thomas says, “an open is a question which we could discuss for quite a while and there’s not just a yes or no answer. You can use open questions to get more information.”