Wish you were here

This afternoon in topic, Year 4 took a little time to write some Viking postcards.

Writing as a settled Viking, we had some fabulous descriptions of what living in the UK is like! The children wrote all about life in the 700th hundreds, describing the glittering gold, the powerful long boats and the calculated raids. 

We started our Learning with the history of the postcard (#exciting), and then we moved onto writing a draft for our postcard home. 

It’s so amazing to see the children writing so well at the moment. Then, once we had edited and gave our drafts some cool feedback we began by writing them up onto posh postcard paper. The children showed incredibly high standards of presentation and handwring. 

The selfie stars of the day have to go to two amazing learning heroes, who spent so much time upleveling their vocabulary in guided reading, literacy and topic. Well done Chloe and Elise 

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing, keep being you 

Extra Extra! Read All About It

This week in literacy, Y4 are starting their next text type with newspapers. Today the children were exploring the structure of a newspaper, looking at the layout and presentation.

We learnt that newspapers are a very unique text type with lots of different features. We looked at the role of headlines, the shocker sentences, pictures and captions, and the re-orientation.

Our first job was a very hands on and messy one! Using loads of different newspapers the children had to cut out and correctly catagorise, headlines, shocker sentences, pictures and captions, interviews and quotes. The children worked fantastically well in their groups, sorting and organising the features of a newspaper brilliantly.

By the end, the children produced some awesome examples of the different features of a newspaper and looked all set to look at the text features tomorrow! 

Today’s selfie stars have to go to two very hard workers. Both worked incredibly hard in literacy and maths, and showed excellent working together and link making. Well done Lewis and Maddison, you are our learning heroes today. 

American Politics, Newspapers and Rocket Retriever

This morning in Guided Reading Y4 started their two week block on newspapers. Linking in with our literacy work, the children started the morning by reading a newspaper article on a very current issue. Then bringing in the skills of Rocket Retriever, the Children set out to answer questions based on the text. 

We had some excellent and detailed retrieving going on. The children gave really precise answers to the question, using quotes and references from the text to support their retrieving. 

Well done Year 4. Keep up the great Guided Reading. 

Wonderful Writing

Today Year 4 drew to a close on their fantastic learning about letter writing. It’s been a wonderful two weeks of focus and dedication in literacy and what better way to end a text type than with a gold write. 

The children combined all their skills in letter writing and persuasion to show case their brilliant writing. Starting up with a video which shows the focus and dedication of the team in action.

The end products were amazing. The children smashed their rubrics showing excellent rhetorical questions, superb factual evidence and great acknowledgment of the other point of view. 

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you. 

Editing Thursdays! 

Continuing the Royal Year 4 tradition of editing Thursdays, today the children took their purple pens and editing success criterias and set out to make their improvements!

To start with, the children split into 4 groups to start work on what they needed to do to improve their rubric. We had workshops for rhetorical questions, cohension, factual arguments and adverbs to stress the point. 

The children made incredible links and showed a wonderful curiosity to their editing. 

The children worked so hard today and Mr Tompkinson and Miss Wood are so proud of them all!

Today’s selfie stars must go to Elsie, Isabella and Terrel, who showed incredible focus and dedication to their writing and produced some very well improved pieces of work.

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing keep being you 

Which way to Lindisfarne?

Today in writing, Year 4 put their persuasive power into action and started writing their first persuasive letters.

 Using rhetorical questions, appeal to emotion, acknowledgment of the other point of view and facts the children crafted brilliant and well focused arguements which attempted to persuade their Viking family’s to sail over to Britain. 

The children wrote with so much passion using excellent persuasive tools to make their point. We even started to use a little bit of cohesion to acknowledge the other argument and then go again this using facts.

The children are really beginning to master the idea of good letter writing, appreciating quality over quantity!

But of course without further hesitation, today’s selfie stars must go to McKenzie, Reece and Jayden who showed fantastic focus and attention to the detail in their Rubric and WAGOLLS and produced wonderful writing as a result! 

The charming, suave, sophisticated Mr Fox

Today in Guided Reading, using our short story Fantastic Mr Fox, Year 4 did some excellent character analysis! 

We started off with incredible discussion about how we can describe Mr Fox, and the nasty three farmers. The children used dictionaries and thesaurus’ to up level their vocabulary and came up with some wonderful descriptive ideas. 

After that, we moved onto looking at how the book specifically described the characters. Using our character templates we recorded what the text said about each character inside the template. The children used their retrieval skills in such a  focus way, quickly finding really detailed and specific description. 

After that we moved onto discuss what we thought about each character using the book as a basis for inference and with a little help of the crimson clue hunter.

The children produced some great work.

Well done Year 4, keep up the amazing work in Guided Reading. Keep being you

Baking mad!

This morning, we went crazy for cookies in maths! Using all of the learning one fractions we’ve done over the last few weeks, we put our skills to the test in a recipe challenge.  Each group was given a cookie recipe to adapt using different fractions – some children found half of the recipe, some a fifth, others three fifths and three quarters. 

Most children used the bar method to split each weight of ingredients into the number of parts shown by their denominator, then multiplied this by the numerator. 

Then we measured our ingredients out and got mixing! 

The children worked extremely well together, helping to work out the amounts needed, measure accurately and mix everything together. The end result was lots of delicious cookies, which we enjoyed very much with our milk.  

There were even some left over for everyone to take home! 

Bigger Big Maths Bonanza 

With Mr Tompkinson’s puns running incredibly thin, Year 4 are putting in a tremendous effort at the moment in Big Maths. With times tables to pass, counting to master and problems to solve Big Maths helps us really warm up and keep us sharp for our Mathematics.

Today the children continued their work on decimals and fractions. We were calculating how we find fractions of amounts and how we can apply this to real life! Especially shopping!! 

The children’s Big Maths books are wonderfully creative. All showing a plethora (#fancywordtuesday) of ways to solve problems and calculate questions. With more and more times table passes coming this week, Year 4 really seem to be enjoying their mathematics. 

Massive well done to Summer, who passed all her times tables today! 

Keep up the amazing maths Year 4, keep being you 

The Power of Persuasion 

Today in Year 4, we started our weeks learning on persuasive letters. Building on our fantastic work on letters last week, we moved onto looking at how we can write to convince other Vikings to settle in Britain. 

We started off by studying persuasive WAGOLL’s and what features they used to build a good persuasive letter. The children used their checklists to highlight, explore and discuss various persuasive letters. 

After highlighting the various features, we moved onto explaining the effect various sentences have to creative a persuasive tone. We found a good persuasive write needs solid arguments, appeal to emotion, acknowledgement of the counter arguments, and rhetorical questions. 

After working in our groups, we then moved onto generating some warm feedback that we could use to create our rubric. The children picked out the key features brilliantly and formed a solid rubric for the week.