We are learning a new way to help us with our spellings. We read out each letter of the word and do actions. Hands on hips for letters on the line,arms reaching low for letters below the line and arms straight above heads for letters above line.
I hope you have been practicing at home! As well as putting them in an interesting sentence ( remember how we get points for punctuation ,capital letters and all words spelt correctly)


Top Effort

I just want to say what a lot of effort you are putting into your learning! Again lots of children with no mistakes in Maths and lots of children with 100% in spellings (pictured). Keep it up!


Spelling News

I was so pleased and amazed that in my first week I had so many brilliant spellers! Well done to all the children who got all their spellings right (pictured). We also had a lot who only had one mistake. Roll on next week!