Sharing our learning

On Friday, both Y4 classes spent some time with the Y2s sharing our learning on teeth and digestion. Some children introduced the topics, then the classes mixed  themselves up into small groups and the Y4s showed the writing and science we’ve been doing this half term. 

I was so proud of all our children; the confident and knowledgeable way they spoke and the pride they took in the pieces of learning they showed was fantastic! This will definitely be something we will repeat throughout the year, it was a lovely way to showcase all of the hard work our children have put in in the last 6 weeks. 



Build your own digestive system 

Today we got creative with a sandwich bag and a pair of tight to create a model digestive system. We crushed crackers into the sandwich bag, added water and mashed them to a pulp to replicate the action of the stomach.  

Then we put the mixture through a pair of tights, squeezing out all the water, which is the job of the intestines. 

Finally, we pushed out the remnants of the crackers…you can guess what this was meant to be!