Eggcellent eggsperiment eggsplanations!!

We had a lot of fun using ‘Show Me’ on the iPads this morning, creating explanations of our egg experiment!  We put the explanations we wrote on Wednesday together with pictures, resulting in some eggcelent videos!

Click on the links below to see some of them:

Husnain and Bailey

Darren and Jake

Kaila and Brandon

An eggcellent eggsperiment

The task: to transport Professor Egg safely from the balcony to the floor

The materials: plastic bag, card, bubble wrap, tin foil, felt, string, polystyrene cup, lollipop sticks

The result: 5 eggs remained uncracked, 1 minor injury and 1 fatality


A poetic visit

We were so lucky last week to have a visit from a poet called Kirsten! We’ve been making our own version of her performance poem ‘Monsoon’, using our voices and actions to make them exciting to watch.

Kirsten lead a workshop for each Y4 class and was even kind enough to perform for us!

Zest Fresh

We are loving our ‘Zest’ swimming lessons, there is a smile on everyone’s face each week . Last week Abdulaziz scooped the best swimmers award.