Terrifying zombies, witches and devils invaded the classroom today!

We had a spooky themed cosy read where the children who came to read my book ‘Ahh Spider’ got caught up in a web!

It was a great way to end the first half term. Well done Y4s you’ve worked incredibly hard, enjoy your half term! 

A great day of learning

What a day for Year 4 DT! Our class novel took a very unexpected turn with the death of the Baron in the wolf scene, and the growing illness of the young prince! Mrs Palmer brought in our amazing white gold writes on massive A3 paper. Laminated of course! And we had a lovely visit from Miss Mallinson in our maths lesson!

The mathematics the children produced today was a special highlight. The passion, creativity and link making the children are showing is amazing. Miss Taylor’s group worked fantastically well to solve very challenging reasoning questions. Whilst Mr Tompkinson’s group looked at a variety of mixed problems including the inverse operation!


As we come to the end of our addition and subtraction topic we completed our post learning quizzes and the children have all shown brilliant progress in their calculation skills. We’ve developed a wonderful phrase in year 4 mathematics: “you don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t know where your at.”We are all really applying this well in our learning, looking at how we can improve and how we can build on our strengths.

And of course the day isn’t complete without our selfie star! Today it goes to Tyler. Well done Tyler. You have been our learning hero today. Your effort and enthusiasm in mathematics has really helped you develop your skills!




White Gold Wonders!

Today Year 4 DT were finishing up their white gold writes and they look amazing! All the children feel very proud to be showcasing their fantastic learning this term!! All the children have written incredible stories about their own Anglo Saxon heroes; the action, the tension and the drama has all been captured brilliantly by the children!


The children have all made brilliant progress in their writing and in their use of sentence structure! The focus and dedication everyone has shown this term reflects the quality and detail of their work. Mr Tompkinson, Mrs Sims and Miss Taylor will be taking great pride in displaying the children’s work around school!


And of course! The day wouldn’t be complete without a selfie star!


Well done Isabella! You were our learning hero today! Your passion for writing has been wonderful this term keep it up!



Marvellous monsters!

Well done to all the children who brought their monsters into school for home learning last week! They’re so well made and the stories you told about them were great. I wasn’t too sure about the one that likes to eat teachers for breakfast though…

Making links, solving problems

Creativity, problem solving, reasoning and progress. This seems to be the way in y4 DT mathematics at the moment. The work the children are producing is of a very high standard. Today we were looking at using the inverse operation to check our answers and solve reasoning questions.

Some of our groups had a very challenging shape puzzle to solve. With triangles and squares given the values of 7 and 17, the children had to work out the value of a mystery circle, which added together gave a total, changing each time.

The children used their knowledge of the inverse operation incredibly well to solve these tricky challenges. We even had a visit from Mrs Heap which inspired the children to work even harder!


Then we moved on to a spot of big maths. Smashing our learn it’s and mastering our doubling the children set about to practise the vital aspect of mathematics. In our times table duel everyone gave a wonderful performance showing incredible link making and enjoying of challenge.


Well done Year 4, keep being you.

Tick, tock, tick, tock

Time works in very mysterious ways! Especially if you add a cold, illusive Germanic winter setting, with a strange Dr and a young story teller. This is what year 4 DT have been looking at with work on our exciting new class novel, “clockwork.”

A personal favourite of our own grand master of literacy, Mr Smith, the children are on the edge of their seats as this chilling plot starts to unfold. Last week we started our guided reading session by looking at the front cover and preface of the book and made predictions as to what the book may be about. The responses were outstanding.


Today in guided reading, we studied carefully the descriptive talent of the author. Who sets a powerfully vivid image of the story, which adds mystery, suspense and uncertainty. We recored what the story states about the setting and we then used this to make our own inferences about the story and how the setting adds to the drama.


But of course, and keen to please the crowds as always, today’s selfie star goes to Jayden. Well done Jayden, you were our guided reading hero today. Your questioning and predictions about our new class novel were amazing!





Tokens for football

Having won our pledge to get the most comments on our blog, we had 100 golden coins to spend on a class reward. We decided, despite the freezing weather and rain, to play football! The children who didn’t want to join in played tennis, basketball or did some drawing. Then we all came back inside for hot chocolate and a bit of a film! 

Splendid SPaG!

This afternoon before PE Year 4 DT took a little time for a spot of SPaG! We started by practicing our spellings using our ascenders and descenders in the mystery boxes! The children’s spellings are coming on really well and they are all making good progress.


After our daily spellings we moved onto grammatical strategies to help with out writing, we had one group looking at fronted adverbials. This group started identifying fronted adverbials in different contexts and then moved onto using them in sentences!


Then our second started work on conjunctions and how to use them to extend  our sentences and to add more detail!

The children worked amazingly hard in their SPaG lesson!


Keep up the amazing work year 4!



I think that he thinks….

Today in guided reading we were using the skills of the puzzler and looking at the perspective of other characters in the story of Beowulf! The children re read the story and highlighted all the different characters in the plot. We then set about discussing how each character would feel at a specific point in the story. We had some brilliant responses!img_0901img_0902img_0904img_0906

The children worked incredibly hard at looking at how the story might be told differently based on the perspective of other characters. img_0903img_0905img_0907

Excellent start to the week year 4 very well done.


Making lanterns 

We’ve had a very sticky morning in Y4, making lanterns ready for Saturday’s procession at Parkwood Springs! We bent willow into the shape of a pear and fastened it with tape.

Then we covered these with tissue paper and PVA glue (this was the sticky part!)

Don’t they look great?

If you want to come on Saturday, here are the details – anyone is welcome and you can even pop in early to make a lantern if you want to. Hope to see lots of you there!