More Learning Principles…

It’s almost Christmas and there are two children whose Learning Principle badges are long overdue. Caitlin and Ellie are stalwarts. Often over-looked but never ignored; they are always doing the right thing, following the golden rules and helping other children. Last Friday, I was thrilled when they collected their Learning Principle badges and I’m sure they will continue their good deeds. Congratulations and feel proud.


Great learners

Hello everybody – I’m in North Yorkshire and the weather is bright, crisp and very cold. As promised here are some posts from last week. First up is the wonderful Jada. Jada is an excellent pupil with a great attitude towards her learning. Always on task with her endeavors and particular in her presentation. She has never had so much as a warning or a negative comment suggested by a peer against her character – an excellent pupil in every way. We are fortunate to have the good-ship Jada in our fleet. Feel Proud!


Learning Principled Pupil

Congratulations to Reio who was awarded his Learning Principles badge in our Friday assembly. Reio was awarded the Make Careful Choices because he is always on task, puts effort into his work and is an all round good egg! Reio has impressed myself and Mrs Mukerker. Mrs Kirkby said he was a wonderful learner and a great ambassador when he showed her around school. Congratulations Reio, you thoroughly deserved this badge.


Our class hero?

Congratulations to Joshua who is the first person in Watercliffe Meadow to receive a hero badge. Joshua and his mum baked some wonderful biscuits for everyone in the class. They were really tasty. Joshua also received the Feel Proud learning principle badge. You are a star!



Learning Principles

This weeks recipient of the Learning Principle badge is Daisy. She was awarded the Enjoy Challenge badge because she loves testing herself. Daisy often learns in her social time and chooses extra maths for Golden Time. She regularly comes top in maths but is also keen to share her knowledge and skills with other children. I could award this badge to Daisy every week because she is so consistent with her learning. Well done.


Learning Principles award

Congratulations to Sam Steele who has chosen to Be Positive with his attitude to reading. Sam has begun reading at least four times a week but more importantly he is documenting this in his learning journal so us teachers can check his progress. If you read please log it in your journal under the spellings test.


Omer Barlos has made links!

Omer Barlos is this weeks Learning Principle pupil. Omer has been awarded the Making Links badge because he has learnt that number bonds to ten are very similar to number bonds to 100.
For example, 4 + 6 = 10 is similar to 40 + 60 = 100.
Well done Omer, keep making those links.