Miss Wood’s very muddy run

I thought I’d share some photos from this weekend. On Saturday I took part in an 8km run over hills and hay bales, through bogs and rivers, in the Endurer Dash out in the Peak District. It was muddy to say the least but great fun!



I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

Miss Wood

Spelling Bees

Top marks to the children below who are this weeks top spelling bees. There are only three bees this week but they have been consistent throughout this half-term. This week was a tricky test because there were lots of words that were homophones (sound the same but spelt differently) like, there, they’re and their. Please support your child every week with their spelling. I have a large Support for Spelling book in my room to help you with homophones.


Omer Barlos has made links!

Omer Barlos is this weeks Learning Principle pupil. Omer has been awarded the Making Links badge because he has learnt that number bonds to ten are very similar to number bonds to 100.
For example, 4 + 6 = 10 is similar to 40 + 60 = 100.
Well done Omer, keep making those links.


Beowulf begins

This week, we began studying the epic Anglo-Saxon tale of Beowulf. We watched part of the film and started reading the book, with all of it’s fantastic (if a little bit tricky) language! My class created some very dramatic freeze-frames for the first part of the story.

Here’s the monster Grendel, who terrorised the kingdom:


Beowulf, the great warrior, is asked to help protect them:


He is presented with a powerful sword:


Then they have a huge feast:


Eventually, it’s time for Beowulf to face Grendel. He wins triumphantly, as you can see here:


And does the same with Grendel’s mother!


Click here if you want to watch the film of the story.

Happy viewing!
Miss Wood

Mr Read Approved!

Well done to the 3 children in my class who achieved the Mr Read stamp of approval for their handwriting today! Husnain, Ella and Ruby collected their pens in assembly, great work guys!

Miss Wood


Top Marks Mental Maths

Every week the children have a mental maths test. It is based on 20 questions that covers many areas of arithmetic. The scores are recorded every week in their journals. Many children have improved on last weeks scores, (Check their journals for the scores) including Daisy Wright you got 20/20. Well done.


Robot Reads

Congratulations to Jacob Colley who read his thirty reads over the Summer. He was the only person who achieved this goal and brought in his signed booklet. Unfortunately he didn’t receive the badge in assembly so me did our own presentation (in house) with lots of whooping and cheering.