A wow week

Here we all are doing well in our Maths and spelling tests. The children pictured have made no mistakes and well done to Jada who has gone up to level three Maths test. .What a wow week!!!






Ayaan’s been crafting again!

Check out the Viking helmet Ayaan made at home from an old pair of jeans, a milk carton and some silver paint! It just goes to show what you can create from things you might throw away – what could you make?
Here’s one of our children modelling the helmet – he looks like a pretty vicious Viking!


Viking Invasions

This morning, our classroom was invaded by angry Vikings!  They arrived on huge longships all the way from Sweden and set about settling in Britain!

Here they are on their longship during the journey over – the captain looks particularly fierce!

And here’s a glimpse of what happened when they came ashore and found some food, having eaten dried meat and fish every day.

Find out more about the Vikings at sea here.


We are trying to have at least two days this week where everyone reads at home. We nearly made it last week but today has been very low so get out your favorite book and enjoy it!

Spelling News

I was so pleased and amazed that in my first week I had so many brilliant spellers! Well done to all the children who got all their spellings right (pictured). We also had a lot who only had one mistake. Roll on next week!


Fun and games in maths

Well done to all of you who made it into school despite the snow yesterday! We had a great time using all the maths we’ve been learning recently in maths in a game called ‘Viking Raid or Trade’!



Can you think of all the skills we were using?

Dragon Slayer

Our new topic is the Vikings and we began this last week by looking at the short film Dragon Slayer.

At first, we only watched the first few minutes, where the dragon slayer kills a menacing dragon. During a P4C enquiry, we discussed whether killing animals is right and came to the conclusion that it might not be ‘right’ but it should be done in a way that is not cruel.  Most of us felt that the dragon slayer was just doing his job because he needed money,  however, opinions changed after we watched on and saw how he reacted to the baby dragons!

What do you think about the dragon slayer? Is he a cruel, heartless killer or a desperate man, who sacrifices his own needs for those of the baby dragons?