A huge thanks

Dear parents and children (Y4 DF), I was having a really pleasant afternoon writing Christmas Cards and watching Frozen with the kids when Mrs Bradley popped in and marshaled myself and the kids to the studio under false pretenses!
I was completely blown away! I had no idea about the surprise party. Kids, staff and parents never let up once! Although I heard Mr B put the wonderful cake picture on Facebook! I was holding it together all day but when it saw all the fuss you made and heard your wonderful speeches it bought tears to my eyes. I hope I managed to speak to everyone concerned and thank you personally for such a wonderful party and suitable send off. I was gob smacked throughout. Your children are wonderful and I was lucky to spend the last term with such thoughtful and caring people. I am the fortunate one and it has been a privilege to meet all of you. A massive thank you for all the cards, presents, superb cake and wonderful sketch. Today has been special but you have made my final day at Watercliffe Meadow one I shall never forget. As promised, I will see the children again at Thornbridge and the odd day as supply.
I have asked the class to take care of Mrs Kirkby and I’m sure she will have a super time with the wonderful children.
Once again, a massive thank you to all the parents and children.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. X

Declan French
P.S. I would be grateful if you could post these comments and picture on Facebook so all the parents can access this message.


Buzzin’ Swarm of Bees

WOW! I’m so impressed with all the children below. Nice to see Jacob again. They scored full marks in their spellings. You make me so proud when I see all the learners doing so well – keep it up because Mr Grumpy isn’t around to nag you anymore and you are all responsible for your learning – the one-eyed ogre is watching!


Mental Maths

Congratulations to the eggheads below who scored full marks in their mental Maths test. Five is a new class record. Keep it up everybody and keep practicing your times tables. I want to see lots of Maths badge winners on the Brag Board when I drop by in the future.


Bronze Awards

Congratulations to the children below who were awarded the bronze badge. This translates as ‘did not lose any minutes and stuck with the Golden Rules for a whole term’. Amazing – do you stick with the Golden Rules at home?


Special surprise for Reio

Our Anti-Bullying campaigners, Stacey and Claire popped in to give Reio a giant Toblerone and wish him a fond farewell. I hope you have a wonderful time in your new house and school Reio. All the children will miss you and are hoping that you write to them from time to time. Take all the wonderful experiences and values from WMC and share them with your new friends you will make in Bury. You’re a top kid.


Hello and Goodbye

Good morning Y4, followers and fellow bloggers. Today is a very sad day as it will be my last day at Watercliffe Meadow. I have spent the last five years working at this amazing place but now it is time to go. I’ve been hanging around a fantastic team of adults and children alike and shared experiences that I hadn’t imagined possible. The journey was a roller-coaster of highs, lows, laughter and local authority blues but never dull, ever. It has been a joy sharing these experiences with everyone over the last couple of years but the blog will continue to blossom. So it’s time to find another ride in the park and let someone else jump on. Au revoir Watercliffe Meadow. Peace, love and good will to you all. X