The Missing School…

Yesterday Y4 went on an exciting visit to the Crucible to see Michael Rosen live. Y4AE arrived a few minutes late because of the buses and Michael Rosen called us ‘the missing school’! On the way out he said he might write a poem or a book about ‘the missing school’ which got us thinking… Why don’t we write our own missing school poems?

So this morning we have been discussing and recording ideas in groups. Our prompt was:

You come to school on Monday. There is no school building, no teachers and no children…

We had lots of great ideas! Chloe said she would rebuild the school using bubble gum. Bilal said the teachers had been abducted by marshmallow aliens! Sana thought the teachers might have gone skydiving. 


We’re hoping to turn our ideas into some poems by the end of the week and send them to Michael Rosen to see what he thinks!

Lanterns in the park

It was an absolute pleasure to see so many families at the Beacons Lantern Festival on Saturday! We had a lovely time following the samba band up to the top of the hill, where we watched the sun setting. There was an 8 metre kestrel, made from willow and tissue paper, and loads of other fantastic lanterns both big and small. Thank you to all those who made it to this special event! 


Beacons lantern festival 

In preparation for the Beacons Lantern Festival in Parkwood Springs on Saturday, Y4 have been making lanterns. Patrick, an artist, came in with a bag of willow (a type of thin, bendy wood), paper and PVA glue and we set to work creating some fantastic looking tipi lanterns. He even gave us some LED lights to put inside! 

 We will be taking them home on Friday so make sure you bring them if you’re able to come to the festival. Remember, anyone is welcome and members of staff will be in the car park to greet you from 5.15. Wrap up warm and we hope to see you there! 

Collaborative Collaging 

As we have been writing our own versions of Beowulf in Literacy for the past couple of weeks, this afternoon we decided to create our own interpretations of Grendel (the evil monster). We did this in pairs. First, we discussed our ideas with our partners, made some notes and drew the monster. Then we used collaging skills to add some colour and texture. They looked very scary!


Beowulf vs Grendel: the epic battle

 We’ve been writing our own versions of Beowulf this week in Y4, using drama to explore the conflict between our hero and the terrifying monster, Grendel.  The one minute plays we created were amazing and you could really see the tension between the two characters. Here are a few for you to look at:  



For the last few weeks, we’ve been zapping spellings like mad in Y4! Each child has 9 spellings that they want to learn and we test each other every day. Once a child has a ‘Z’ in all four corners of each spelling, they are tested by an adult.  Only two children in my class have been given their ‘big zed’ and only need one more before they can move onto another set of spellings. 

Here’s some zapping in progress: