Swimming Progress

We are all still enjoying our swimming lessons and making good progress. We have just had our halfway lesson and assessments so far.
Lily -Grace was our star swimming because for the first time she swam four metres without a float. Which was fabulous!


Tasty Treats

In year four we have been very lucky because some children have been extremely generous. After completing their home learning which was to follow a recipe they made some delicious cakes to share.


Insulating an ice cube

Our homelearning  this week was to investigate ways of insulating an ice cube.  We’ve had a few examples brought in, the most successful of which was Liam’s below. He used paper, sponge and tin foil to stop his cube from melting all day! 

What materials do you think make good insulators? 


Silver showcase

How exciting it was to see ourselves so large on the big screen! We also had lots of parents who shared the experience with us. We read the news paper on the bus and practiced our times tables.
It was fab to be a star for the day.






This is our weekly swimming star.
We are all improving our swimming strokes and confidence in the water. The teachers are constantly being splashed by children doing impressive jumps into the water!