Immersive Classroom

You may have noticed a bit of a change in Y4 this week! We have taken most of the desks and  chairs out and replaced them with bean bags, low tables and big clip boards. 

The children have adjusted surprisingly quickly to choosing their own space to work in and seem to change their place according to the type of learning we are doing and how independently they want to work. 

It was lovely to take some time this morning for the children to read a book, either with a friend or on their own. The new classroom layout lends itself perfectly to this type of activity; we were all very comfy and really enjoyed sharing our reading together. 

The Miraculous Journey has begun! 

We started a new class text this week and it’s getting pretty exciting! We’re following the journey of Edward Tulane, who’s comfortable, selfish lifestyle has just taken a dramatic tumble…over the side of a boat! He’s currently sinking to the bottom of the ocean, whilst his owner, Abeline sails away without him. 

What will happen next? Will he ever be found? Can he find his way back home? We shall see over the next few weeks.

Words, rhymes, poems and stories

Five lucky Y4 pupils were selected to attend a day’s writing workshop today. They were put to work immediately, finding rhyming words for each letter of the alphabet (have a go, some of them are quite tricky!). They then created a poem using some of these words and another, where each line ended with either hurray or boo! 

The children were then asked to write a story about the first time they did something…

We’re very proud of our young writers, who showed creativity, enthusiasm and a real enjoyment of writing today. We hope this inspires even more fantastic learning! 

Special Places. Special Sheffied 

As a kick start to our fantastic topic on Special Paces, today Year 4 took some time to do some investigations and research on Sheffield City centre. Feeding into our tour guide writing for our visit next week, the children worked fantastically hard to research facts and information about Sheffield City centre. 

We worked in the ICT suite looking at all the things unique to Sheffield. From the hosts of world championship snooker to award winning honey, we discovered that Sheffield really is a unique place! 

Then after our trip to the ICT suite, we came back to class to start looking into a detailed route we could take using the fantastic programme Digi Maps. Using this the children were able to precisely map out the walk using street names and famous landmarks! 

Then, applying our learning together principle, we got together as a group and shared and reflected on all our amazing ideas and facts that we had found! The team worked amazingly well together! 

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing, keep being you 

The Harris Burdick Chronicles 

Today Y4DT made an excellent start on their work in Guided Reading around our new class novel, The Chronicles of Harris Burdick. The children were thoroughly engaged with the exciting story, The Third Floor Bedroom. 

Written by a favourite author of Year 4, Kate D’Camilo, the children used Word Wolf to decode the extremely tricky words and phrases in this enthralling story. 

We had a range of fantastic inferences made by the team on the meaning of the story, the purpose of the story and the significance of the story. 

The children used their dictionaries extremely well to find and discover the meanings of words like stalwart, relentless, hyperbole and consolation. We discovered that this magnificent range of vocabulary was central to the messages and meaning of the story. 

Well done Year 4, another exiting adventure, another stunning novel! 

Dancing at Herries Lodge

It was the finale of our dance project this afternoon as we went down to Herries Lodge care home to meet the residents. 

We began by dancing in with origami birds, which seemed to fly around the room! 

Then the children introduced themselves and got to know a little about the people living at Herries Lodge. I was incredibly proud of how polite, considerate and patient our children were.

We did a bit more dancing with fabric fans. One of the residents, Brian, got involved too! 

Then the children performed their 1960s dance. I got a little stuck remembering all the moves but thankfully Alfie reminded me!

What a brilliant afternoon, definitely something we would do again! Mr Tompkinson’s class will be taking over next term.