Learning 19.05.2020

The results of the TTRS battle are in! The two top scorers Reece and Yezid battled it out to the end and gave great scores to each class. It was another victory for Y4SB – well done to you all! We had 21 children log in between 1pm and 3pm which is great as it was much more specific timing than previous weeks.

In class today we have been baking and each child followed the recipe and created their own cookies – they were all a great success – have a look at the photos below.

Work sent in for today.

2 thoughts on “Learning 19.05.2020

  1. Well done to everyone that has sent learning in. All of you that have sent baking pictures in, they look so delicious! Well done 😁


  2. Those cookies look amazing, I hope that you didn’t eat them all yourself and shared them with your families. Looks like you’ve all been working hard on your maths and spellings which I am very pleased to see. Those flags are looking great too, Chloe that is a really quick and clever way to make flags that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for sharing your learning everybody.


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