Viking Crown Theft

Today, Watercliffe Meadow was the scene of a brazen theft. The culprit stole the extremely valuable Viking crown that the year 4’s had been looking at. At the moment the crime is unsolved but a main suspect has been identified by the children (with a little support from a local PC).

Food waste workshops

Students from Sheffield University joined the Y4’s this week and last week to talk about food waste.

We learned about the crazy amount of food that is thrown away each week and found ways of reducing this waste. The children created shopping lists and planned out meals in order to buy only what they needed.

They also planted broad beans to take home. Has anyone’s sprouted yet? 

Herries Lodge

Y4MS prepared for their visit to Herries Lodge by making crowns and jewellery to wear on the day. They will visit next Tuesday afternoon and sing songs to residents and dance too! We’re all looking forward to it very much.

Viking invasion

It’s true, the Vikings arrived at at Watercliffe on Monday! They came in tribes waving flags across the sea from Scandinavia and plotted where they would settle in the school grounds. They banged drums as they charged with their swords and shields, terrifying their enemies. If you see them around school, do not approach – they are armed and dangerous!