Unveiling the new library

This morning, Y4 were joined by Alan MacDonald, author of the Dirty Bertie books.  We went down to the hall, where he taught us how to draw Bertie, then he set us the challenge of creating a new book for the series.  We created the front cover and wrote the blurb in the hope that he might use one of them in his next book!  We had Dirty Bertie: Love, Dirty Bertie: Pizza, Dirty Bertie: Prom and even Dirty Bertie: Egg.

Later on, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield visited school.  She spoke to us in assembly and two children from each class had the chance to see her cutting the ribbon to unveil our wonderful new library!  Mr Smith worked extremely hard to select books to suit everyone so we hope you will enjoy and cherish them.


4 thoughts on “Unveiling the new library

  1. I’m glad you all enjoyed it and I’m glad you’ve put up your ideas for a book because Alan has been in touch with me to ask if I could remember them. He said there were some great ideas that he’d like to use.
    One of these could be his next book! If it is, he said he’d mention us in it!


  2. I enjoyed seeing you all. Lots of great pictures and great ideas.
    I will make a note of them for next time I’m writing a Bertie book and will let you know if one makes it into a story.
    Alan MacDonald


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