The Mystery of the Stolen Crown

It was an extremely eventful day in Y4 yesterday!  We came back from social time to find the classroom in a complete mess, with police tape everywhere.

We discovered that there had been an intruder, who had stolen the precious Viking crown! The valuable golden crown had been handed down over the years from the famous Viking warrior, Sigurd Iron-Beard of Shirecliffe.  Immediately, we called in PC Rich, who secured the crime scene and began hunting for clues.

Mr Tompkinson was the number one suspect because he was seen acting suspiciously over social time and there was blood found on his gloves and coffee cup (we think the criminal cut themselves climbing through the window).  

PC Rich took DNA samples from Mr Tompkinson but in the meantime, he was arrested on suspicion of theft.

Watch this space to see what happens next, we will keep you informed of any updates!


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