Oh Sheffield is Wonderful

As part of our special places and special people topic, Year 4 took a very special trip into the city centre today to find out more about what makes Sheffield Special. 

The day started off with a trip on the public bus! Even though the bus was a little late, our first discovery was how important public transport like the buses and tram are to a city like Sheffield! 

After finally arriving into the city centre, we started our visit at Sheffield’s Historic Cathedral! We took a little time outside the Catherdral to get our bearings on our maps and street signs whilst finding out some incredible facts about the local area! 

Once we had finished our work at the Catherdral, we moved into the town hall where we had a special meeting with the Lord Mayor herself! 

She told us all about her role and gave her amazing insight as to why sheffield is a special place! We were invited into her chamber for drinks and a chat! 

After our amazing time with the Mayor, we moved onto the winter gardens to conduct our surveys! The children collected some very interesting data about Sheffield and we found that many people agreed that Sheffield is a unique place for lots of different reasons!

Our penultimate stop before home was the amazing Millennium Galleries Museam! We were very lucky to see the exhibition on Sheffield Steel and how our history has shaped our feature. 

Well done Year 4. Today you did our school incredibly proud. 


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