Perfect Poetic Poetry!

See what we did there! An alliteration! 

Today in Year 4,

We couldn’t ask for more.

With the kids working hard, 

Poems fit for card! 

Perhaps not Shakespeare, but rhyming all the same! This was the theme of the day for our literacy as the children edited all of their wonderful poems!

 Through the week the children have devoted so much time, care and attention to their poems and as a result have done some brilliant wiring! 

Building on our theme, I wish I was a dragon, we had some fantastic rhyming, superb similes, amazing alliteration, and marvellous metaphors!

Up-levelling our vocabulary today, we took to our thesaurus’ and worked out what better words we could use! The children explored a wonderful range of words that sounded amazing in their poems! 

Tomorrow the children will be going for gold on their poems and Miss Wood and Mr Tompkinson are incredibly hopeful the children will deliver brilliant poems!

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing keep being you 


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