Cracking Climbing 

Today years 4 and 5 had a very special guest! We were very lucky to have Steve McClure, a U.K climbing champion and 2x British champion in to talk to us! 

He shared all of his fantastic experiences with us and taught us loads about climbing! He brought in all of his amazing gear to show the children. Talking to us about extreme sport, he gave us a superb demonstration of how to climb really hard spots! 

We had a little mini climbing competition seeing who could hold their body weight the longest holding onto a very small crack! 

The children had a brilliant morning and learnt loads about the world of climbing!

A big thank you to Steve for coming in to talk to us. We took away a very powerful message of endurance and not giving up. Sport, and especially climbing can teach us so many things, and challenge makes you feel the best you can be! This was a key message the children will take to their learning! Challenge, endurance and never giving up are vital for goals good learning!

Keep feeling proud


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