I heart Reasoning

Wow. What a brilliant day for Maths in Year 4. Reasoning, calculations, problem solving and time were on the menu and oh my did the team deliver! 

We started the maths lesson with a range of reasoning and problem solving question. Mr Tompkinson and Miss Wood were roaming the room looking and the children’s work and asking one very powerful question. Why. 

Why does this give you the answer? How do you know that and why? Why does this equal this? Why does that answer this? Mathematics is all about brilliant link making and the children showed a variety of amazingly creative ways in which to do that today. 

Here we are in action.

The children worked so hard at providing high quality answers to their problems. They gave wonderful explanations! At first the children found this way of understanding maths very tricky but with solid persistence and a positive attitude they triumphed!

The selfie star of the day must go to Isabella who was our learning hero today!

Even though she wrote Maths backswords, she thoroughly deserved this!

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you 


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