There’s money in maths!¬†

This week in maths Year 4 have been working on money. We have had some brilliant problem solving, fantastic use of manipulative to work through problems and excellent reasoning of answers. 

Working with money is such a key life skill as well as an important aspect of maths. 

We used lots of pictorial reasoning and stem sentences to explain step by step how we solved our problems. We had some fantastic demonstrations of part part whole, number lines, inverse operations supplemented perfectly with well reasoned explanations. 

The selfie start not only of the day, but of the week has to go to one hero today, who has worked immensely hard in all areas of his learning and that goes to Finlay. Well done Mr!

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you.

The problem with money is…

We’ve been solving problems all week in maths, using different methods and demonstrating our understanding in various ways. The children were challenged to draw diagrams, use calculations and explanations to show their answers…and then prove them. 

This child has chosen to draw out some chocolate bars in order to add them together, show a subtraction calculation using a bar model and explain the method that he has used. We found that slowing down the process of problem solving improved the children’s understanding of what they were doing and why. We can’t wait for more next week! 

Scientific Discoveries 

Today Year 4 continued their amazing scientific work on the Water Cycle. We used yesterday’s fantastic research and put it into practice to make our own water cycles. 

Our learning was based around evaporation and the effect this has on the water cycle. 

Putting our research into practice we built our very own water cycles. Using a range of variables including water temperature, water measurements and different climate holders the children showed fantastic curiosity about their science and by the end of the week we shall see our very own water cycles in action.

Well done Year 4, keep up the amazing science! We can’t wait to see the results!

Dramatic Writing and Reading

Today in Year 4 we got into the full swing of our play script writing in both Guided Reading and Literacy. We started off with some dramatic readings of The Twits. The actors in these clips did fantastically well and really captured the scene!



Then we moved on to our writing of play scripts in a slow write! And wow the children produced some amazing pieces of work.

And now! Backed by popular demand. We have the return engagement of the Y4 Selfie Star…. and well done to Jayden who really challenged himself with a really tough self made rubric and today rose to the challenge with a wonderful play script!

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you!

Warm Feedback: To be, or not to be!

This afternoon in Year 4 after our swimming trip, we started our new topic in writing on play scripts. 

With brand new WAGOLLs at the ready, the children began the critquing and warm feedback process to their learning on play scripts.

We started off by looking very carefully at the features of play scripts and what a play script consists of. They are very unique text types with lots of punctuation and structural features. 

After that, we moved onto studying and discussing a wide range of WAGOLLs of play scripts. The children were brilliant at using their checklist to highlight all the scenes, interludes, stage direction, punctuation for performance, speech and speakers. 

Once we had modelled and annotated a wide range of WAGOLLs, we moved onto providing our warm feedback so we could write our own Rubrics! 

The children produced some amazing feedback and the Rubrics produced look fantastic!

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing keep being you. 

Puzzling Post Learning

Today Year 4 worked on our pre and post learning for maths. Our post learning for decimals brought an end to a very productive topic of learning.

The children applied themselves in a very pragmatic and  logical fashion when completing their post learning, and the results were fab! Lots of progress in their decimal work.

The children show cased all their amazing mathematical skills, including multiplying decimals (something that even PC Richard struggled with!), rounding decimals and ordering them in ascending order. We had some great proof of the calculations aswell, using number lines to work logically with our decimals!

After we completed our post learning, we moved onto our pre learning for our topic on money. 

It’s very important in learning to be aware of your strengths and limitations and we all have areas to work on including maths and the children were very positive about their own gaps.

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you.

The Miraculous Journey and Decimal Rounding

Today Year 4 came to the end of the amazing novel The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and wow. What a finish. Nobody expected such an amazing twist and for the story to come in a full circle. The children were absolutely hooked… The children were sad the book was over but a little more work on it this week should set us all right. 

The children will set to work tomorrow using the Rocket Retriever and The Puzzler to build a book review of this amazing novel.

Then, after social time we moved onto a spot of maths rounding decimal numbers.

The team worked incredibly hard today and they can afford to be very proud of themselves. 

Well done Year 4 keep being you keep being amazing! 

Rounding measurements

We put our rounding and skills to the test this morning when measuring different parts of our bodies. We used tape measures to record measurements to 1 decimal place in centimetres, then rounded to the nearest whole number. Using the tape measures really helped to identify which whole number the decimal was closer to and we are now much more confident in rounding decimals. 

Glennis and Susie claimed that your finger is the same length as your head ear, so obviously we had to investigate!

Editing Thursdays! 

Today was another hard working day in Year 4. In traditional Year 4, editing Thursday style, we took to our books to up level our vocab, perfect our spellings and to re work our hard work! 

Thursdays is all about making mistakes. Today the children each discussed why making mistakes in learning is important and how editing and really re reading your work can help you to see where you need to improve.

Remember, “your best teacher is your last mistake.” Maybe one for Rufus the dog.

 Our own mascot King Calculation is all about making mistakes. Some say he has climbed Everest 20 times and only on the 19th attempt did he succeed. And some say he was the one who actually built Rome in day but on the other days he was practicing his maths! 

Anyway, here we are in action…

Well done Year 4 keep being you, and keep being amazing. 

Miss Wood and Mr Tompkinson are very proud of you all!