Happy Wednesdays! 

Today there was a real lovely buzz around Year 4. In our circle time we have been discussing the beauty of random acts of kindness and smiling! Did you know, if you smiled even when you are feeling a bit down, your body naturally produces chemicals that make you happy! So it was smiles all round in Year 4 today! 

We applied this positivity to our learning and this morning in Guided Reading we provided some warm feedback on our Guided Reading Superheros! It was so amazing to see the children showing such a passion for their reading skills. Their knowledge of how and when to use the superheros was fantastic. 

The feedback from the children was amazing. Quote of the day must go to Elise who explained how the characters “bring Guided Reading to life and make it more understandable.” 

Then after a spot of Rocket Retrieving our newspaper articles, we moved onto our writing Rubrics on newspapers.

The children made massive improvements in their newspaper writing today! Showing fantastically brilliant shocker sentences, amazingly powerful vocabulary and great journalistic style! 

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing keep being you. 


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