The Mystery Continues 

Today in Year 4, we have been working incredibly hard to solve the still unsolved robbery of the Kings Crown. We started the day off in Guided Reading by looking at newspaper reports from The Watercliffe Times about the shocking theft on Friday. 

The children used their rocket retrieving skills and quickly picked out all the key information. We then moved onto a very important word wolfing task which involved decoding “newspaper” words like atrocious, testimony and alibi. 

With the case against Mr Hiron getting stronger, police are calling for further evidence that will allow Year 4 to solve this crime. 

Then, this afternoon the children wrote Letters to our police hero Officer Rich, describing their days on Friday and what they think about the crime. 

This allowed the children to really focus their suspicions and link them carefully with the evidence at hand. 

Well done Year 4, keep working hard to solve this mystery, keep being you 


One thought on “The Mystery Continues 

  1. Mr Hiron is a suspect????? Oh dear Mr Read and I may have to have a conversation with him, he could be losing some Golden Time and joining us at Serious Incident meeting on Monday!


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