The Curious Case of The Missing Crown

Drama. Shock. Horror as an abominable theft hits Year 4. Before social time the Viking’s crown was safe as houses, kept safe in our classrooms. Then, around 9:45 the year 4 team had a suspicious message that reports of Viking looking men, with long beards and fur coats had been spotted in the Shirecliffe area. We were told they were after one thing. and that was the crown! 

Putting this aside as a silly rumour not to worry over, the children went out to social time with no idea of what was about to unfold! 

When the children came back from social time something horrible had happened! The kings crown had been stolen. Our police officer on the scene came and told the children of the horrific event and a crime scene unfolded!

With poor King Calculation held up at the scene, we had a very mysterious robbery with very mysterious clues! 

As our heroic police officer showed the children the crime scene we had lots of work to do to fathom who could have stolen the kings crown! 

Then all of a sudden we had a break through! A special eye witness, Mrs Bibby! Our eagle eye witness came up to inform the children of events that had unfolded! The children, with their jotters at the ready began to interview our expert witness. We were told that the theif had made a quick exit out of the school running past the reception only to be seen by Mrs Bibby. The description was of a tall, beared man who was armed and spoke with a strong Scandinavian accent.

The children took down as much information as they could and then waited for the next major breakthrough to occur! 

Officer Rich recapped the key facts of the scene and given Mrs Bibby’s vital information we came to the conclusion that a Viking with a vendetta against the King must be responsible. 

But who was the outline of the body? And why was Mr Hiron’s fob gone missing?

Stay tuned tomorrow for The Curious Case of The Missing Fob 


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