Newspaper Rubrics

WAGOLLS, Warm Feedback, Rubrics, Cool Feedback! Out with the old and in with the new is the way in Year 4. 

With these amazing, new processes well and truely up and running we thought we would use Editing Thursdays to critique a newspaper WAGOLL ready for the children to design their own Rubrics using warm feedback.

 Today we worked really hard on giving our warm feedback real purpose. For each peice of feedback we gave specific examples of how this appeared in the WAGOLL!

The children are really enjoying their critiquing lately! 

But the selfie star of the day has to go to an unsual suspect. With his fantastic work with the Year 4 team this afternoon in D&T, he helped the children create some amazing wooden Viking ships! Watch this space tomorrow to see the children in action! 

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing, keep being you. 


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