Journalists, interviews and making the headlines

Today in Year 4 the children have been making the headlines! Literally! 

Continuing our work on newspapers today, we looked at how we could use the headline to construct a powerful shocker sentence in a slow write. The children are starting to show a really good understanding of newspapers and how each feature is vitally important to the text. We had some wonderful, eye catching shocker sentences that proved to be very gripping, leaving the reader hooked into wanting to read more. 

We started our learning by listening to a news report on a Viking raid. Acting as journalists, we took who, what, why, where and when notes to highlight the crucial aspects of the report. In true journalist style we then set to work using a headline to build a shocker sentence! 

Then, we used our editing skills to really refine our shocker sentences to improve them further. Using whiteboards made this process much easier. 

Then we started to explore how we can use interviews in newspapers ready for tomorrow’s learning. 

The selfie star of the day must go to Emily  who showed wonderful curiosity and valued being special in her learning! Well done Emily 


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