The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 

Today the day finally came when Y4 DT started their new class novel, the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane! The children came into their guided reading lesson this morning with a very exciting prediction task waiting for them and a brand new copy each, of this fabulous novel! 

With moving operatic music sending a poignant tone through the classroom, the children opened their packages to start their work on the book! 

We started by making predictions about what we think the book might be about! We had some absolutely fabulous answers! 

The children were excellent at using the evidence available to make their predictions. Equally, we had some brilliant prediction phrases like “further evidence to support this is.”

Well done Year 4 what a fantastic start to our novel!

Perfect Poetry!

Hello and a big welcome back from the Year 4 team! Today the children came back looking well refreshed after their break and it didn’t take long before our brilliant Year 4 work took place.  

Today we started our new topic in literacy, Poetry! (A favourite of Miss Woods) we combined this with our work on Dragonology and set about studying various dragon poem WAGOLLs

The children explored a wide variety of poems and fantastically picked out the various features. We had some excellent examples of similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification!

Well done Year 4 keep up the amazing work!

End of term and Wonderful writing 

What an amazing term. Fantastic fractions, detailed descriptions, terrific time telling, lovely letters and nice newspapers. 

With Mr Tompkinson terrible puns aside the children have been incredible this term and have engaged so well with their learning. 

They have shown fantastic curiosity, wonderful link making and devoted problem solving. With Thornbridge being the cherry on the cake, we come to the end of an amazing half term!

Today we produced sensation white gold writes on newspapers. With the curious case of The Stolen Crown at and end, cultivating with the confession of Mrs Bibby and Mr Hiron- the children gathered all their amazing ideas to showcase their learning.

The children wrote amazingly well. They smashed their Rubrics and produced a wide range of incredible newspapers!

Stay tuned Next week for an update about the new class novel and a variety of clues.

Well done Year 4 keep being amazing keep being you.

The Watercliffe Times with a spot of Music

With tired minds and sleepy eyes Year 4 DT re entered the wonderful world of watercliffe for a day of learning today! 

The children (including Mr Tompkinson, who was incredibly well behaved) still buzzing, and on cloud 9 from Thornbridge, started their day off with a spot of Guided Reading using an article summary to create a headline linked to the news.

Tired minds and sleepy heads didn’t stop this bunch from producing amazing learning! Mr Tompkinson and Miss Taylor were indeed a little apprehensive about today’s learning but the children did amazingly well and settled so quickly into their learning!

We had some fantastic summaries with brilliant headlines! With Mr Smiths new guided reading question cards in action we moved onto explaining how and why the children had chosen their specific headlines linked to the article!

Then the newspaper learning took a little holt for a spot of music! The children were really happy to get back to their music and are making really excellent progress.

Then, after social time the children settled down quickly ready to hear the shocking news Officer Rich had left for us! Mr Hiron Guilty of helping the Viking steal the crown! He may have to loose some to his golden time Mrs Bradley! 

The children set about to put this shocking breaking news into a newspaper report and my goodness me they didn’t disappoint! Fantastic writing today!

Well done Year 4, we are so proud of how well you have settled back. Keep being amazing, keep being you 

Thornbridge Y4DT

Wow what a three days it has been! The first thing that must be said is how amazing the children have been. All the staff have been so proud of the children and they have been a delight to have! 

Our adventure to Thornbridge began with a song filled coach journey, well for some of us at least 

Then, after arriving in Thornbridge we unpacked our bags and gathered our equipment for the week! 

Then with all our equipment ready we headed down to tackle the famous Thornbridge Low Ropes! The children were absolutely fantastic, showing excellent teamwork and dedication 

With the low ropes conquered we then paused for a spot of lunch before moving onto the Thornbridge Challenge.

With these two very tricky challenges completed it was time for a chill out before dinner.

And that was the first day completed! Day two brought a whole new adventure with our trip into Ashford 

With tired feet and hungry tummies a real treat awaited us at the lodge! A full roast dinner!

Our wonderful adventure came to a fantastic close today with a breathtaking bike ride through the Monsall trail 

Sawing, sanding and shaping

Y4NW was transformed into a workshop as we used saws, sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease to make a Viking boat. We used balsa wood in order to make them float, as next week we will sail them down the river in Ashford! 

After shaping their boat, each pair made a colourful sail and extra decorations, like figureheads, to make their boats look the part. Here are the finished products:Mr Reed will be in the water waiting to catch each boat after its river voyage…here’s hoping they make it through in one piece! 

I Heart Learning

Today in Year 4 we had a wonderful discussion about what we love about learning! Building on our happy theme we saw this as a great chance for a video that is bound to make you smile! 

Happy Wednesdays! 

Today there was a real lovely buzz around Year 4. In our circle time we have been discussing the beauty of random acts of kindness and smiling! Did you know, if you smiled even when you are feeling a bit down, your body naturally produces chemicals that make you happy! So it was smiles all round in Year 4 today! 

We applied this positivity to our learning and this morning in Guided Reading we provided some warm feedback on our Guided Reading Superheros! It was so amazing to see the children showing such a passion for their reading skills. Their knowledge of how and when to use the superheros was fantastic. 

The feedback from the children was amazing. Quote of the day must go to Elise who explained how the characters “bring Guided Reading to life and make it more understandable.” 

Then after a spot of Rocket Retrieving our newspaper articles, we moved onto our writing Rubrics on newspapers.

The children made massive improvements in their newspaper writing today! Showing fantastically brilliant shocker sentences, amazingly powerful vocabulary and great journalistic style! 

Well done Year 4, keep being amazing keep being you. 

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar with a little hint of a mysterious crime

This afternoon in Year 4, we took a little time to combine our crime mystery with SPaG looking at how we can really perfect our sentences and punctuation. 

We started off by looking at our own work with our letters to Officer Rich. We began by highlighting the basics of our writing, looking really carefully at how little errors in our work can add up. 

The children showed really high standards in their editing, and through embracing errors and mistakes the children were incredibly eager to up level their vocabulary, re-read written sentences, and perfect their punctuation. 

Today in Year 4 was a good day for making mistakes, which is such an integral part of learning. 

With the bin full of paper, it was a day to give a little fist bump and say “yes I’ve made a mistake and I’ve learnt from that mistake.”

Now, this morning the Year 4 team had a follow up visit from our police chief hero Officer Richard.

 Our fantastic PC gave us the latest news from CSI which will be announced tomorrow along with King Calulations testimony. Our calculation minion has spent a week recovering at the Heath and Haycock residents and is making good progress. 

Officer Richard has explained he will be able to gain a full written statement from Mr Calculation and combined with CSI he is hopeful of a positive outcome. 

Stay tuned for more

The Mystery Continues 

Today in Year 4, we have been working incredibly hard to solve the still unsolved robbery of the Kings Crown. We started the day off in Guided Reading by looking at newspaper reports from The Watercliffe Times about the shocking theft on Friday. 

The children used their rocket retrieving skills and quickly picked out all the key information. We then moved onto a very important word wolfing task which involved decoding “newspaper” words like atrocious, testimony and alibi. 

With the case against Mr Hiron getting stronger, police are calling for further evidence that will allow Year 4 to solve this crime. 

Then, this afternoon the children wrote Letters to our police hero Officer Rich, describing their days on Friday and what they think about the crime. 

This allowed the children to really focus their suspicions and link them carefully with the evidence at hand. 

Well done Year 4, keep working hard to solve this mystery, keep being you