Extra Extra! Read All About It

This week in literacy, Y4 are starting their next text type with newspapers. Today the children were exploring the structure of a newspaper, looking at the layout and presentation.

We learnt that newspapers are a very unique text type with lots of different features. We looked at the role of headlines, the shocker sentences, pictures and captions, and the re-orientation.

Our first job was a very hands on and messy one! Using loads of different newspapers the children had to cut out and correctly catagorise, headlines, shocker sentences, pictures and captions, interviews and quotes. The children worked fantastically well in their groups, sorting and organising the features of a newspaper brilliantly.

By the end, the children produced some awesome examples of the different features of a newspaper and looked all set to look at the text features tomorrow! 

Today’s selfie stars have to go to two very hard workers. Both worked incredibly hard in literacy and maths, and showed excellent working together and link making. Well done Lewis and Maddison, you are our learning heroes today. 


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