Bigger Big Maths Bonanza 

With Mr Tompkinson’s puns running incredibly thin, Year 4 are putting in a tremendous effort at the moment in Big Maths. With times tables to pass, counting to master and problems to solve Big Maths helps us really warm up and keep us sharp for our Mathematics.

Today the children continued their work on decimals and fractions. We were calculating how we find fractions of amounts and how we can apply this to real life! Especially shopping!! 

The children’s Big Maths books are wonderfully creative. All showing a plethora (#fancywordtuesday) of ways to solve problems and calculate questions. With more and more times table passes coming this week, Year 4 really seem to be enjoying their mathematics. 

Massive well done to Summer, who passed all her times tables today! 

Keep up the amazing maths Year 4, keep being you 


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