The Power of Persuasion 

Today in Year 4, we started our weeks learning on persuasive letters. Building on our fantastic work on letters last week, we moved onto looking at how we can write to convince other Vikings to settle in Britain. 

We started off by studying persuasive WAGOLL’s and what features they used to build a good persuasive letter. The children used their checklists to highlight, explore and discuss various persuasive letters. 

After highlighting the various features, we moved onto explaining the effect various sentences have to creative a persuasive tone. We found a good persuasive write needs solid arguments, appeal to emotion, acknowledgement of the counter arguments, and rhetorical questions. 

After working in our groups, we then moved onto generating some warm feedback that we could use to create our rubric. The children picked out the key features brilliantly and formed a solid rubric for the week.


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