Badge winners

Her are our lovely reading mileage badge winners. These children read 40+ times over this term and have received their bronze awards!

And here are all of our children who haven’t lost any golden time the term with their bronze badges! 

Keep living the golden rules guys, you all have the ability to get a badge next term! 

A cold winter setting

Snowy, picturesque mountains. Enticing Icey rivers. Warm, cosy cabins. A roaring but welcoming fireplace. This sounds like a perfect setting for a winter write. This afternoon Year 4 DT took to their writing books to begin writing the first draft of their winter descriptions.

The children made a fantastic start with vivid and powerful descriptions of their winter settings.img_1510img_1511img_1512img_1513

We had some amazing opening settings with snow glistening trees, cosy winter cabins, and beautiful winter walks. The children were very creative with how they set their descriptive write up, and we discovered how writing in the first person (imagining you are there) made for a powerful and imaginative description.


With lots to edit and build upon tomorrow the children are very excited about bringing their amazing winter writes to an end.

However. The selfie star of the day must go to a person who has shown great passion in all their learning today. Well done Mr Alfie Scott. Your maths and narrative based descriptive setting was very impressive.


Well done Year 4. Stay amazing


The beginning of Christmas

This morning in our literacy work, we took a very important break from writing to focus on a spot of drama. We were freeze framing the famous nativity scene. Apart from the “there’s no room at Inn”, this Yorkshire production turned out to be very impressive….



Apart from Mr Tompkinson’s terrible rendition of winter/summer wonderland, which was even heard by Year 4 NW, the children all worked fantastically well to capture this notorious biblical scene. (Not sure Joseph would have sported bulldog slippers though Jed).

We had a fantastic Freeze Frame of our “wiser men” who captured the stature and glory of this nativity scene with Oscar worthy performances. Fantastic work Ethan, Mitchell and Jayden.


Well done Year 4


Writing in a Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring, are you writing! Year 4 certainly are.! This afternoon we planned for our afternoon Winter writes. We studied what actually constituted a descriptive piece and we recapped the importance of adjectives! The children produced some very impressive plans.


We looked at how we could expand our sentences using conjunctions and prepositions. We also had a little practice at our fronted adverbials. The children all looked incredibly pleased with their plans and ready to write their winters writes tomorrow!


The selfie star of the day undoubtably goes to Miss Summer Haycock. Summer, the dedication in your writing today was fantastic you should be very proud



Times tables snap!

After a big push for times tables in school this term, Year 4 DT are taking a little time in the afternoons to get up to speed with our facts up to 12 x 12. With 6 total passes already the children are looking forward to a new week of testing!

We used our playing cards (a year 4 favourite) to play a game of times tables snap to quickly rehearse out multiplication facts. Smiles all round! img_1458img_1459img_1460

The children are getting really amazing and quick at their multiplication facts. Miss Taylor is working really hard in the afternoons to get as many children as possible passed!


But today’s selfie star must go to Elise. Who is showing wonderful commitment to her maths at the moment. Elise, your positive attitude is a joy to behold in class at the moment keep it up!